NHN WMADD Tree Games and Blocks Business Cooperation MOU

[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Moon Young – Soo] NHN (CEO) announced on 29th that it has signed a MOU for a block chain for business cooperation with a block chain, a game and a block chain.

Both companies are constructing a wide range of global IT services and content that utilize the various global IT services and content that NHNs, including services in the Platform Wimix (WEMIX), which are the WMIX (WEMIX), which is the WMADID tree itself. It is also a plan to cooperate throughout the business of the project by utilizing both the body technology capabilities.

The main collaboration contents include a strategic cooperation with business and related technology cooperation with the game and content on-boarding and service business partnerships in the Wi-Miss Platform and Services.

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NHN focuses on the business to rebuild the reputation of the game portal, and will continue to launch global games such as Gsu-dong Mobile and Dragon Quest Keshike.

The Wymeed Tree is serving a variety of blocks in W Mix and recently launched the Mir 4 Global s Global s Global Global in the Wemix platform and has a great success in the world.

Kim Seok-hwan, said Wimade Tree, said, I am pleased to be able to cooperate in various fields, including NHN and game services, including traditional game lodging, and I expect IT service capabilities that NHN will be a great help to the Gims ecosystem.

Jung Woo-jin, the NHN representative, said, In addition to the game such as the game, we expect to be able to make a high synergy in the block chain, as well as the game such as the game, but also the competitiveness of the game and content in the future based on a long business know-how. I will do my best to go.