The external worlds Danger to Gorgon all new skills

The outer worlds: Danger to Gorgon increases the upper limit to 33 and adds a new upper limit of 150 skills points to all skills. In this increase, new activations are included for any skill that offer considerable advantages for the specialization of their character. You need to invest 150 points in a skill to get these new supplements, but the investment can be worthwhile.

All new Peril on Gorgon skills are listed below in the order of your category:

1HAND: 1H Critical Melee Hits Ignore 100% Armor
2HAND: Kraft and Sweep attack chance of stoning + 50%
Hand firearms: critical goals bounce off and meet another enemy
Long weapons: Uncritical goals ignore 50% armor
Heavy Weapons: HW will be reloaded immediately after the last ammunition was used
Dodge: Dodging there is a chance of 25%, opponents within + 3 m to stun
Block: Perfect blocks cause damage due to the attacker instead
Convince: the chance to duck, is reset after 10 seconds, so that a damaged person can do again
Lie: The chance to scramble resets 10 seconds after being attacked by Automechanical

Unique Weapon Location: Most Dangerous Game - The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon
Intummaging: 20% chance creatures you meet with a critical hit, are scared
Sneak: Sneak Attacks that kill their goals are not alarming other enemies

Hack: Hack has turned off car mechanicals to encrypt it
Lockpick: The first object in each sealed container which can be opened freely can be stolen without consequence
Medicine: After using the inhaler you get + 20% damage per used consumption slot, which takes 10 seconds
Science: critical opportunity and influence of science weapons are determined by the ability of science, if higher
Engineering: Inserting a new mod has a 100% chance to restore the existing mod
Inspiration: Competitors grant players on the unreliable 10% capability bonus
Determination: If a companion is returned to the unreliable, another companion can replace it

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