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Unknown Worlds Entertainment is an American video clip game developer based in San Francisco. The studio is best understood for the Natural Option as well as Subnautica collection.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment, especially known for subnautica and the frosty successor subnautica: Below Zero, was bought by Krafton, Inc.. The in turn stuck behind the massive Battle Royale Shooter Hit Player Unknown s Battlegrounds. Player Unknown, whose bourgeois name is actually Brendan Greene,, on the other hand, left the studio for his own two months ago.

This seems to stop Krafton, Inc. not to watch forward. On the contrary, finally, one has become an extremely capable development team with Unknown Worlds Entertainment. And as it looks, success-promising plans have already been forged.

How is it now with Unknown Worlds Entertainment?

As part of the acquisition, KUMON, Inc. CEO CH KIM also reported: Unknown Worlds are incredibly capable and passionate developers with an incomparable talent for creativity and a remarkable track record. KRONTON will not shy any effort to help them. Not Only that you improve our developer capacities, we also have the same goal to create unique experiences for players around the world.

Due to this announcement, fans of the studio do not have to worry about how to act. Unknown World s Entertainment should act as an independent studio, even the structure and executive days should remain the same to preserve the unique creative identity.

And there are other great news: In addition to continuous updates for subnautica (Buy Now 47.99 €) And Below Zero currently works the studio at a new genre-defining title, which should already appear in the Early Access next year. Seems as if both unknown Worlds Entertainment as well as its fans benefit from the takeover.

Source: Krafton, Inc.

From Jonas Höger
01.11.2021 at 17:54