The sequel to Welcome to Raccon City would be an adaptation of RE4

Although Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccon City No premiere, the director of this appointment, Johannes Roberts, already has a couple of ideas related to a sequel. By means of an interview, the filmmaker has revealed that he has the look at resident evil 4.

RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY - Official Trailer (HD) | In Theaters Nov 24

In a talk with Gamesradar, Roberts revealed that he is a great fan of resident evil 4, and already has plans related to this game. Although The possibility of a sequel depends on the commercial success of the first tape, it seems that we already have an idea of ​​where this new series would go. This was what he commented:

I am obsessed with the fourth game. I can imagine that story as part of a new delivery. There are many interesting plots and small details that we have dealt with in this film, but it would be amazing to be able to expand everything. There are characters that we do not use in this game that we would love to have in the next movie.

There is also a different side of Resident Evil with RE8: Village and Re7, where there is a much darker and horrible world. It would be great to look at things from this side too. There have definitely been conversations. We have really created some iconic characters like Chris, Claire, Wesker and Leon. I hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter.

Along with this, is also talked about adapting the seventh and eighth delivery in the main series. However, considering that these titles are starring a character that does not appear in welcome to Raccon City, this is likely to take longer to take place.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccon City will be released on November 24. On related topics, this tape has a reference to Jill Sandwich. Similarly, here you can see the first minutes of RESIDENT EVIL 4 VR.

Editor s note:

I still do not have faith to welcome to raccoon city. Although the idea of ​​adapting only a video game is nice, resident evil 4 is a fairly crazy delivery that is very difficult to take a new medium. This is possible, but it is also quite complicated.