EFOOTBALL 2022 The long awaited first update will not arrive before spring

The great rectification will wait. After a particularly chaotic launch at the end of September, Efootball 2022 put on his first big patch, waited on November 11, to leave for a good foot. The latter must obviously correct some of the many technical problems of Konami simulation, but also extract the game from its demo status. It will be nothing.

Always officially in version 0.9, EFOOTBALL 2022 does not propose for the moment only a Local Match mode, with a limited number of teams, as well as online challenge mode, whose principle and rules change regularly. The transition to version 1.0 was to allow to integrate new game modes, including the famous creative teams, a central subject visibly modeled on the Ultimate Team of FIFA. This first big update also had to host the mobile versions of the Konami football simulation, which we imagine without difficulty that they represent the target core of the Japanese publisher.


But according to an official statement, it will therefore be necessary to wait for the spring 2022 to see the game make its real first step forward: We are unfortunately concluded that we need more time to reach the level of Quality that will meet the expectations of our users. Players who had pre-ordered Premium packs at 39.99 euros will be automatically refunded.

In the meantime, it will be necessary to settle for patches minors and regular, aimed at correcting the most violent bugs, as confirmed by the note delivered with version 0.9.1, available from November 5th. The latter teaches us that, if improvements have been made on some problems, it will always be possible to see the reactivity of command entry decrease during the match or to observe the 3D models of the players deform in case of contact.

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