Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Numerous new trailers to horror

Almost it did Resident Evil fans: With a bit of delay, the new horror film appears to the franchise, Welcome to Raccoon City, on 24 November in the cinemas. Recently Johannes Roberts explained, author and director of the film, why you can look forward to a particularly faithful implementation of the games.

Of course, how much is there on his statement, before the actual film can not be fully assessed. But with the numerous new trailers you can at least make a better picture. Maybe the new material helps when deciding whether the path is worthwhile in the cinema room, or if you prefer to wait for the DVD or streaming.

New trailer to Resident Evil movie show characters and bring nightmares

The focus is on the different main characters, each of them has received their own, just under 1-minute trailer. Whether you just want to look at one or right all at once: Sony has a fitting video ready. Represented are Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Albert Weaker and Jill Valentine.

Who has fancy the movie, but is less interested in the characters, for which there is the new nightmare trailer? And he carries out this title quite well, he shows all the horrors, the spectators expect in the film. The video also proves that Resident Evil (Buy Now €26.99) is for more than just zombies.

However, many fans do not seem very satisfied with the previous material. Especially with the chosen actors and actresses Sepsis filled the social media and the character trailers reflect this with their partly devastating ratio of Likes to dislike. Whether Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is considered by suspect with suspicion or unexpectedly delivered, you will learn from the 24th of November in the cinema.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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