The producer of Captain LaserHawk A Blood Dragon Remix details the Netflix series

The world of video game franchise of may far has certainly never been afraid to go to its most comical side, with each of the entrances with a wide range of comic characters in the universe of the first-person shots, and it seems that the Next Anime adaptation of Netflix, capital LaserHawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is up to its predecessors. In a recent interview, producer ADI Shankar took the opportunity to immerse more in the series, listing a surprising inspiration that brought together video game characters similarly to as Marvel s cinematographic universe has joined the superheroes over the years.

Shankar has not been alien to the world of video game adaptations in Netflix, giving life to one of the largest in Castlemaine, which recently finished its fourth and last season, with a new series on the way. Although ADI is currently working in the Anime Devil May Cry series, he is also working on this next trip to the world of Blood Dragon, as well as a series based on the Universe of PUBG. When talking with IGN, Shankar explains how inspiration for Captain LaserHawk came from the caricature of the 1980s, capital n: The game teacher:

I loved the concept that a child is absorbed by the world of video games. There were many parallels between Captain N and the Caricature of Dungeons and Dragons of the same time. I guess, despite being criticized by criticism, Captain N was a success because I was recorded and influenced me to create something with my memories. To be clear, the final product of Captain LaserHawk who is being created by the fantastically creative people of Ubisoft and the dragon energy animation study Bobby Pills will have little resemblance to Captain N. I just like to quote inspirations.

Dragon Breakfast came as downloadable content for the third entry of the may series, leading the Jungle players to a futuristic landscape that looked more like Tron than anything they had seen before. It is still one of the favorite tickets of the series fanatics thanks to its ironic style and the large amount of mood crowded in its execution time.

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