Dota 2 SuMail and Saksa will not play for OG in 2022

On November 8, OG communicated the first changes to its Squad of Data 2. The decision responds to the ruling to defend its crown in The International 10, where Team Spirit eliminated him in the loser key.

After the result, the European organization met to talk about next year. According to official publication, SuM ail SuM ail Hassan and Martin Salsa Azov communicated their intention to explore other opportunities. This means, both members will not be part of OG for 2022. Preliminary rumors linking to sum ail at Team Secret and Salsa at Alliance.

Thankyou & Goodbye SAKSA & SUMAIL - OG

We will always be grateful to these two incredible players. They contributed a lot of energy, kindness and perseverance to the DATA team of OG. So we will always remember his remarkable contributions to our organization, said OG.

MR Luna, executive director of the Brampton, commented that both are good elements for any team. He assures that they will have a transforming effect wherever they go, testing their world caliber talent. At the same time, he assures that they will be surprised, not without before thanking them for the adventure of more than a year.

SuM ail was part of the first attempt of super team after The International 9. Due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the team did not connect as expected. There were some changes before reaching the squad that Romania played last October.

Salsa was a few games to play another end of The International. He was one of those who showed greater advance over the last period. In addition, he is one of those who stayed from the first day, sharing every moment with OG.

There is still no confirmation about the destination of both. OG promised that there would be news in relation to his quintet for the 2022 season of the DATA Pro Circuit. It is expected that, at least, Johan N0Tail Sustain continues competing.