Fortnite Who are the seven and what influence do you have on the story

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FORTNITE exists a story that is told on the edge. Many players who have been there since Chapter 2, however, do not know anything about the legendary seven. Who you are and what a role you take, you will learn here at Mango.

Who are the seven? The seven are seven different beings belonging to a self-proclaimed group. These beings are related to each other as they are different versions of the same person. If one is familiar with the theory of multiverse, one could assume that they come from different realities.

The seven are seven persons

Currently, four of the seven beings have shown:

The following are known by name:

The visitor
The scientist
The paradigm
The foundation

What are the seven? You try to secure the dimensions before the zero point. The zero point is a Nexus ball from which the entire realities have emerged. The ball passes through countless realities per second and can be used as a bridge to other realities. One zero point was represented in each known Fortnite map.

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Through this intrinsic power, the seven has made the task of protecting the realities and to eliminate any abnormality caused by the zero point. At the start of Season 6 Chapter 2 was to see how one of the seven, the foundation had tried to eliminate the existing anomaly.

He tried to kitten the cracks that were at zero point. However, this was not as desired and thus sealed themselves and the Nexus ball together to achieve a damage limitation.

Where are the seven? rumors, they live on the planet or reality Gene. You do not know much about it.

Story spoiler:

A well-known leak, which has revealed many contents from Chapter 2 Season 8, indicates that you will soon be on this planet and the rest of the seven meetings.

What is especially at the seven? You know about the mysterious amnesia on the island. Therefore, the scientist in Season 10 took up all his deeds and steps to recall in a case of amnesia. In Chapter 2 Season 6, it was shown that these unknown beings can also fly. Because you could see that the foundation flew to zero to free it from his reality strands.

They are also handcrafted as the visitor and scientist could build a rocket and the surrounding parts from the Fortnite Map. You can also travel to other realities with meteorites. For this you use highly technical chambers to survive the impact.

What do you think of the seven? Do you find your look cool? Or do you not interest the story of Fortnite and are glad when a good Battle Pass is at the start? Let us know!