Ziggurat Interactive launched a boy and blob on Nintendo Switch

Ziggurat Interactive is an independent video game publisher who seeks to travel players through video games and has worked with various developers to get out of many games, including Advent Rising, the Bloodline and Altered Destiny series. Ziggurat Interactive has now officially launched a boy and his blob on Nintendo Switch, after his initial release many years ago on other platforms. Are you ready to save Albania?

The Robot GameBoy Accessory!
In Boy and His Blob was published for the first time by Way forward Technologies in 2009 and is a 2D game that mixes the platform and riddling resolution. It also blends in the mixture a fun and loving protagonist who travels around the world with his new extraterrestrial friend. Ziggurat Interactive is now seeking to bring history to the modern public.

The launching trailer of the game does a great job by giving fans a glimpse of the game, graphics and gameplay of the game, while Boy and His Blob works together to solve puzzles and more.

In Boy and His Blob carries fans in the Kingdom of Albania, where a tyrant seeks to kneel. Players must be the hero that Albania is looking for, because a solitary blob was able to escape and look for help. After a forced landing on earth, the blob meets an adventurous young boy eager to help.

The game offers various puzzles, including the Food of the blob with frost beans and their transformation into different shapes and objects to overcome their enemies and solve puzzles.

A Boy and His Blob are available on the Nintendo Shop for $14.99 USD.

What do you think of a boy and his blob? Are you interested in trying it on the Nintendo Switch? What kind of games interests you? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.