3 weapons from COD Vanguard which could be too strong in Warzone

Battle Royale War zone gets a new map and many fresh weapons after switching to the graphic engine of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Mango has regarded the arsenal of the new code and discovered 3 weapons that could clean up in War zone.

With the new Call of Duty: Vanguard not only the new COD generation starts — even in the Battle Royale War zone, this year is changing so much and also include almost 40 new weapons.

Since War zone also takes over the graphic engine of Vanguard, the weapons, which are currently played in the multiplayer, are also the same to the war zone. So we power through the weapons values ​​and show you 3 shoots, which are likely to have fun in War zone.

1. Assault rifle bar — stable and strong

What is the bar for a weapon? The assault rifle makes it quiet and has a very low fire rate. But that helps you in the control and the bar is the assault rifle that can be most easily mastering.

What makes them too strong? Storm rifles with pleasant recoil have always been a case for the war zone. But the bar offers you a munition conversion with which you increase the base damage to 68 per hit. With a fire rate of approx. 360 ball / minute, the bar comes on a time-to-kill of 495 milliseconds and ends up in second place of the assault rifle KKS.

Only the AS Val with your mini magazines would be stronger, but a similar problem has the bar — you have a maximum of 30 shots in the magazine with this ammunition.

2 . Sniper triplet gun — 2 shots in the chest

What is the triplet rifle for a weapon? The sniper rifle is the slowest sniper of Vanguard and shines with a high lethality even in body hits.

What makes them too strong? Exciting for War zone could be a crazy magazine. The.30-06 20-shot magazine increases the base damage to the weapon to 128 per hit and there are 2 shots in the chest, possibly even in the stomach to put enemies. Headshots are also likely to deliver a one-shot kill as usual.

It comes to the fact that the magazine summarizes 20 shots and gives you a lot of time before you have to reload again. Disadvantage is the slow fire rate — even if you only need 2 hits, the time-to-kill is 1.5 seconds.

3 . LEG DP27 — wobbles but deadly

What is the DP27 for a weapon? The machine gun is a reluctant beast with proper damage and the iconic dish magazines up on the course.

What makes them too strong? Also with our third discovery, it is a munition conversion, which ensures the crucial kick. With the.30-06 Teller Magazine (81shot), it causes 42 damage per hit at a fire rate of just under 730 balls / minute. The time-to-kill is very strong 410 milliseconds.

However, the DP27 can be paid to this damage with proper recoil. It must first show whether the difficult control is worth the high damage.

How the Weapon Meta changes to the Vanguard Engine after the changeover, so far can not be sure to predict. It is clear — the 40 new weapons will provide for swirls and especially the many adaptation possibilities with 10 essays at the same time and the new types of ammunition is a powder for the meta. We will see if the barrel goes up.


About the details of the gameplay with the Vanguard Engine is still some unclear. You want to read more about how War zone looks could look, then looks over here: the 5 most important changes when War zone with COD Vanguard Fused