The children of tomorrow could come back to life

The Tomorrow Children (トゥモロー チルドレン) is a video game of building as well as action developed by Q-Games as well as edited by Sony Interactive Enjoyment, released in 2016 on PlayStation 4. It was officially revealed at the 2014 Games com at the press seminar Sony.

Q-Games has announced having negotiated the rights of The Tomorrow Children, bringing back the game to the original creators. The creators were trying to recover the rights, and they managed to succeed.

The Tomorrow Children was released about five years ago and was only online for about a year. It almost looks like a feverish dream if I remember playing there, but I forgot that this game had never existed. I never played in the game very long, and I just remember it was a little strange.

Q-Games estimated that The Tomorrow Children has never been shaken, and they want to put it back online. While striving to bring back the game, Q-Games offers a newsletter to which you can register to keep you informed.

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Here is what Dylan, the game director and CEO and founder of Q-Games, to say about The Tomorrow Children:

I want to thank the Tomorrow Children s fans above all, without whom I have never had the confidence to continue this agreement. Our fans are among the most incredible players on the market, and every day over the last four years, they have maintained the dream alive. I think the happiest thing in this decision is to imagine the pleasure that these fans will feel when they will reinstate the Crazy News Apocalyptic neo-Soviet world of The Tomorrow Children.

Goodly, I would like to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment to have also worked with me so that the IP returns to Q-Games. It has all taken us a concerted effort to take this ultimate step, and I am very grateful to all people involved in the process. I refine and reworks now parts of the game every week, and I hope everyone will follow and get involved in this process.

We plan to make some changes for the better and give the Tomorrow Children the raining it deserves!

The Tomorrow Children was a strange game, but I am delighted that it is back in the hands of developers who are clearly passionate about the project. I did not care much the first time, but I will check the game again and see the changes they bring.