Ghostbusters Afterlife Type of Nostalgia in your final trailer In the earnest

Niño Niño Niño… Ninoninonino… Ghostbusters! Each time there is less for the premiere of hunting: beyond, the new film of the saga, and Columbia and Sony Pictures have not been able to endure the desire to put on long teeth. Today the producers of the tape have published the final trailer of the same (the one you can see on these lines) and is marked by nostalgia. Simply hear mythical Bill Murray (Peter Beckman) Finn Wolfhardking us at the end: Have you missed us? Finn Wolfhard not Finn Wolfhard! If we do with the 2016 movie the same thing that AFTERLIFE will do (that is, if I have seen you I do not remember), then we are talking about that have spent more than 30 years since the lFinn Wolfhardt delivery of the series.


Precisely, the story of ghostbusters afterlife is located after the end of hunting 2 (from 1989) and its synopsis says: A single mother moves with her two children to the big city, where they do not take to discover A strange connection with the original Guests and a mysterious legacy that his grandfather had left them. One of those children is Finn Wolf hard, who will surely sound from Stranger Things E IT, and who will share protagonist paper with Paul Rudd ( Ant-Man, in whose third movie, eye to Curiosity, Bill Murray will appear). How many of the original band will join them? Dan Abroad, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moran is, Harold Ramps… There is still much to discover it, because GhostfantFinn WolfhardmFinn Wolfhard: beyond it will premiere in cinemFinn Wolfhard the p Roxie 3 December. Niño Niño Niño…