Fenerbahce President Ali KOC counts Mesut zil Advertising Reads out

President Ali IOC From the Turkish Top Club Fenerbahçe, playmaker Most Oil has taken over to address his full attention to the sporting success.

Since the beginning of the season, Most Oil is compared to Robin Van Persia (with Fewer from 2015 to the beginning of 2018, d. Red.). He wants to play more. From now on, he must focus on his game and leave his commitment outwards, IOC said in a statement in the club s own TV channel Fenerbahçe TV. He has to worry about how he can help Fenerbahçe.

Oil was recruited from FC Arsenal to Istanbul at the beginning of the year. With a gate and an assist in the first two Superbly games, the 33-year-old gave a good start to the current season, and he met at the Europa League prelude at 1: 1 in Frankfurt.

Most Oil: Fewer Boss IOC demonstrates problems with coach Pereira

Since then, however, Oil has been running behind his form, sometimes just on the bench and made a rabble in the Europe League game against Antwerp in the middle of October, for which he apologized later to the fans.

Our coach has to find a way to get the most out of Oil, meant President IOC. Medial is said to the World Champion of 2014 a tense relationship with Fewer coach Victor Pereira, but IOC denies: Contrary to the reports there is no problem. Most is only dissatisfied because he plays only irregularly.

Last Sunday, when Joker, Oil acted as a joker in the ninth minute of re-gaming time against Kayserispor per penalty and rescued Fenerbahçe with the 2: 2 at least one point. Overall, the former German international this season is currently available at four goals and a template in 13 compulsory matches.

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For Federer, where Oil is under contract until 2024, meanwhile, it is generally not round. In the Super Big you can only place after twelve match days only in Seven place, the residue to leaders Trabzonspor is already ten points. In addition, the Europa League threatens the preliminary round.