Rapischronicle Hero Crown Pre registration Take over 200 000 A web cm where you can see this cosplay figure A total of 1 million yen present campaign is also being held

Launched Blast Flow Growth RPG Rapischronicle-Hero Crown- (hereinafter referred to as Apical ) from 5X Games (hereinafter Clavicle ) indicated that this cosplay figure can be seen today.

Launched Blast Flow Growth RPG Rapischronicle-Hero Crown- (hereinafter referred to as Apical ) will notify you of publishing a web cm that can be seen today.

The latest information on Little is open at any time in the official Twitter @lapischronicle ! Come, please follow and check the latest information!

▶ ︎ Pre-registered acclaimed accepted!
· Pre-registration in Google Play: HTTPS: //bit.ly/3oagfxl
· Pre-ordered by App Store: HTTPS: //apple.co/3apsfau
※ You can get 10 minutes (high-end summoning ticket x 10) with store reservation!

E Na this cosplay is seen Web CM acclaimed!

NATO CM appearance commemoration! A total of 1 million present campaigns are held at Twitter!

■ Holding period: November 11 (Thu) 12:00 to November 15 (Mon) 12:00

▶ ︎ Application condition:
1. Follow @ Lapischronicle
2. Select the correct answer of the quiz and tweet

▶ ▶ ︎ ︎ 品::
Remuneration 1 Amazon Gift Certificate 10,000 yen × 100 people
Compensation 2 NATO Sign with Cheri × 4 people
Remuneration 3 END Cosplay Costume × 1 person

While acclaimed, the details are checked below!
▶ ︎ Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/lapischronicle

E NATO Cos played Cosplay?

[Sakai no SAE] Ran ★★★★★
Attributes: water
Occupation: Rogue / Range Attacks and Chasing
Skill: Log of fall, knight road, knight belief, honesty heart

Serious woman knight seriously.
Her lifetime is a knight, her justice, and all people are honoring her as her ideal knights.

Pre-registration Geisha Campaign is being held

■ Holding period:

DCMF Tune - Radioreclame
November 2 (Tuesday) 12:00 to November 23 (Tuesday) until 12:00

■ Campaign Overview:
During the campaign period, you can participate in the pre-registration geisha after the Twitter account login on the campaign page.
In advance registration Geisha can be a probability ★ 3 to ★ 5 heroes.
You can create a hero earned to your favorites and bring it into the game after a formal release.

▶ ︎ Details Checked below! !

Rapisclonicle-Hero Crown-

Rapisclonicle-Hero Crown- is an adventure fantasy that combines the swords and magic and near future world. It is a work that enables the highest high quality graphic among the next generation 3D modeling technology and among the left game apps. With a movie class 3D animation, the players will provide an unprecedented refreshing battle experience.

And, to be able to devote to the core content of a more game, you can experience a rational and efficient play of busy modern society by implementing the function that can be left temporarily during the quest or by implementing up to 12x speed functions. Increase. Just all, you can do it at the same time Blast fastening RPG!

Besides that, the tower of the dragon bone (EVE), the Archie area (PVP), the round match (inter-server rank match), ruins (Sudoku), memory corridor (hero story), original gilt function, etc. So, even if you kill the sleeping time, it is a single work that will be aware of the standing game that you can enjoy even if you put your waist at the time of time.

「 Apical
Title: Rapischronicle-Hero Crown-
Genre: 3D Auto Battle Strategy Deafness Development RPG
Supported OS: iOS / Android
Price: Basic Free (item charge system)
Delivery time: late November 2021
Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/lapischronicle
Official site: HTTPS: //lapischronicle.com