Baba Is You updates and adds a level editor

Baba Is You Editor Update Trailer
You may have forgotten Baba Is You, but no. The little baba is back to play us a bad tower, and especially give us the keys of its puzzle design so particular in a new update. The biggest brains are challenged with the addition of a level editor.

The task promises to be waiting for players who will have the courage to rub it, when you know the excellence of level design behind Baba is you. As a reminder, in this Sonoran the prest kit, the goal is to push blocks, each writing a word, to form a short sentence that will define the rules of the level and the way to validate it. Announced By 2019, Level Editor mode will allow the most inventive to create these puzzles and share them online with other players.

This free update also adds 150 unpublished levels incorporating new types of words and thus new mechanics, as this trailer shared by Cumuli reveals. BABA IS YOU AND YOUR UPDATE BABA MAKE LEVEL is available on PC and SWITCH.