The new rephairs of PS5 and Xbox Series X come with great surprises

Xbox Series is Microsoft s Ninth Generation Consoles variety consisting of Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series, established and also manufactured by Microsoft, outcome November 10, 2020, 4th and last generation of Xbox gaming consoles, they do well at Xbox One. The Xbox Series X is announced at E3 2019, while the Xbox Series is revealed on September 9, 2020. The Xbox Series are based on an individualized AMD Zen 2 processor, with product assistance for Ray tracing. The Xbox Series X is the most powerful model, offered has 499 EUR, incorporating a hard disk drive and also a 1 TB SSD while the Xbox Series S is a design without hard disk drive, much less powerful, having a 512 GB SSD proposed at 299 EUR at launch.

Today, Best Buy launched a new replenishment of PS5, while GameStop launched more than Xbox Series X, and both next-generation console refueling games arrived with surprises. The first of the two was the replenishment of Xbox Series X of GameStop, which was supposed to be only Xbox All-Access, except that it was not. The replenishment had faults and this requirement was not fulfilled allowing everyone to enter this limited stock.

A couple of hours after this replenishment, Best Buy launched a new stock of PS5 and, unlike some previous retailers, no totaled membership was required. That said, unlike the replenishment of Xbox Series X, who gave good luck to many consumers, it seems that Best Buy s replenishment was plagued by all the usual problems, that is, errors in the carts, delays on the website and resellers With bots capable of devouring stock very quickly.


At the time of publication, it is not known when the next refueling of the consoles will fall. There have been reports and leaks that suggest that many retailers will have more stock than ever in this Christmas season, but for now, this is to be seen. That said, if you are looking for the Nintendo Switch OLED, which was not hard to get before the launch, but now it is quite difficult to buy, it is currently in stock at Best Buy when writing this.. However, by the time you are reading this, it is possible that this has changed.

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As always, we will keep it informed about all the replenishments of both PS5 and Xbox Series X. At this time, there are no rumors of refueling from Friday or weekend of either of them, but if this changes, we will inform you everything that needs to. To know. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially with PlayStation, everything related to Xbox and everything related to games, including not only the latest replenishment updates, but the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.