Follow the Xbox Anniversary Celebration live Date time and details of online retransmission

Such day as today 20 years ago, the first Xbox arrived at the first Xbox, the first of a series of consoles that have left great memories in the wording and community of 3D games, and the time to pay tribute with a tribute with a tribute with a Special event organized from Microsoft for this same day.

We are enthusiastic about the next 20 years Xbox We are very excited to celebrate this milestone with you while We remember some of our favorite moments of the last 20 years of Xbox. It has been amazing to remember all the Moments that we have shared with the Xbox community over the years, and we are enthusiastic about what awaits us the next 20 years as we continue to play, says the American company in Xbox Wire.

hour and how to watch the event online

The issuance will take place on Monday, November 15 at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Spanish Time) / 12:00 (CDMX Time) at the official Xbox channels on YouTube and Twitch. From this same news you can follow the retransmission, with subtitles in Spanish.

There are no more concrete details about what we will see in the relay beyond the declarations before facilitated, but from Microsoft they have wanted to make it clear that they will not announce any new game, being a more destined event to pay tribute to the extensive legacy of the video game firm of the Redmond giant.

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Xbox lives a good moment currently, with the recent and acclaimed premiere of Fora Horizon 5 able to bring together 8 million players, and with an infinite Halo view, which will arrive at the PC and console stores in a month.