Auerbach without keeper Party canceled in Jena

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The fact that Auerbach s Timekeeper Stefan Schmidt in Jena could not guard the gateway for a long time. Because the 32-year-old has been laboratory for an eye inflammation since last week, which would have prevented his commitment on Wednesday evening.

Both replacement keeper fall out

But now the Auerbach briefly broken the two replacement keepers Maximilian Schloss er and Marius Kohl briefly. Because one of them — the CFB did not participate, which it is self — has been positively tested for the coronavirus. Whereupon the second had to be sent in domestic quarantine. Suddenly, the Saxons without a Keeper for the regional league stood there — and requests the Northeast German Football Association (Nov) again for a laying of the game whose kick-off should be at 19 o clock on Wednesday evening. On Tuesday afternoon, the Nov officially said the match. Originally, the mating of the 17th match day had been scheduled for the 5th of November, but then had to be canceled at the Auerbach because of several Corona Falls.

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New appointment is not yet fixed — question marks behind Chemnitz guest match

When the match will finally go over the stage, is not fixed yet. CFB manager Elkhart Kramer spoke on the club website but that it will be after a Wednesday this year. Even behind the game approached on Saturday at the Chemnitz FC (1 pm) is still a question mark. The discharge depends on whether the keeper in quarantine can be frosted in time. But we have no influence on that. It is a decision of the health office, said Kramer. With a decision, the club expects at the end of this week.

Field players had to be in domestic quarantine

As Auerbach further announced, further players had to be in domestic quarantine in the course of the positive incident. And those who do not have sufficient vaccination or recovery protection. However, this would not have led to a cancellation because we had a sufficiently big squad, Kramer said clearly.