Hitzlsperger warns of renewed reduction of audience

In the stadium capacities (Thursday edition) Hitzlsperger warns of a renewed, lump-sum reduction of stadium capacities. This would exist exclusively our economic situation and would also be in relation to the pandemic fighting of the wrong way.

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It would counteract the vaccination campaign if vaccinated and greetings are not allowed to go to the stadium.

Thomas Hitzlsperger

Because in the opinion of the 39-year-old it would counteract the vaccination campaign when vaccinated and greeting should not be allowed to go to the stadium. Hitzlsperger continues to conduct that football games are not pandemic drivers. These would show both the numbers in Stuttgart and throughout the league.

However, a corresponding study by DFL refers to the first seasonality, as the infection numbers were far smaller than it is currently the case.

What results in the Corona summit for the professional football?

Germany footballer Hitzlsperger comes out | Journal

Hitzlsperger s concern for further financial losses is understandable: The CFB per million euros lost the CFB per home game in the ghost playing phase at auditor s revenues, with FC Bayern it was even four million.

Finally, however, from politics were clearly true to reduce the number of authorized persons in major events or cancel them. On this Thursday, the prime ministers meet a Corona summit.

But until the new decisions of politics are grabbing, they will probably go to the country for several days. The measures must only be implemented in new Corona protection regulations of the countries. For the 12th match day this weekend, changes in audience approval are therefore unlikely.