Holiday Wylif 1st Anniversary Two professional gamers of Wylif will introduce the attraction of anniversary events and games League of Legend Wildlift

Celebrations in old Rome were an extremely vital part of Roman religious life throughout both the Republican and Imperial periods, and also among the main functions of the Roman schedule. Serial ( holidays in the feeling of divine days ; single also serial or passes away aerials) were either public (publican) or personal (private). State vacations were commemorated by the Roman individuals and received public financing. Gaming (Audi), such as the Audi Apollinaire, were not practically serial, however the days on which they were celebrated were passes away fest, vacations in the contemporary feeling of days off work. Although serial were spent for by the state, Audi were commonly moneyed by affluent people. Serial private were holidays celebrated in honor of personal people or by families. This article deals just with public vacations, consisting of ceremonies commemorated by the state priests of Rome at temples, along with events by communities, families, as well as buddies held concurrently throughout Rome.
Serial publican were of three kinds:

Stative were yearly holidays that held a repaired or steady date on the schedule.

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Conception were yearly holidays that were portable feasts (like Easter on the Christian calendar, or Thanksgiving in The United States And Canada); the day was announced by the magistrates or clergymen that was accountable for them.
Imperative were holidays held on need (from the verb imperf, imper are, to get, command ) when unique events or expiation were called for.One of the most vital sources for Roman holidays is Ovids Fast, an insufficient rhyme that explains and also offers origins for celebrations from January to June at the time of Augustus.

RIOT GAMES League of Legend: Wildlife (Wylie) (hereinafter referred to as Cliff) welcomed the first anniversary on October 28, Wylie 1st Anniversary Festival is from November 1, 2021 (Mon.) Held to Tue). In the Wylie 1st Anniversary Festival, we will play a lottery ticket by playing a lottery ticket and participate in a lottery held weekly, and the lottery campaign and a prize of 100,000 yen and a prize of 100,000 yen and a prize of 100,000 yen. We will hold a variety of plans such as holding of certification tournament and campaign in official Twitter.

Game Eight Properer is also crazy about the first anniversary of Wylie…! ?

This time, we introduce the anniversary of Cliff, but in fact two professional gamers are the author of this item. Whatever you hide we will usually be a big fan that usually works with Ga chi with a private basket. I want our introduction to make a little!

Ah Boo (Properer)

Monists first professional team Beast God Sermon leader. The game Im addicted. He belongs to the game Eight and has a track record that has been responsible for the capture of various titles. He loves support in Cliff. Cliff History: Release Day-Currently

Suction (Properer)

Monists first professional team Beast God Sermon member. He likes the game and likes to think about strategy. He belongs to the game eight. Cliff is playing specializing in top trainers. Cliff History: February 2021-Currently

Two people actually play a cliff videos are also available!

Play the game during the period and get the original goods! (11/1 to 11/28)

By playing the game and storing lottery tickets, we are carrying out a campaign that wont have Syria limited goods and in-game items. Japan-only Polish stuffed animals and rare figures and mugs, and as a luxurious gift, Opera 5 II and in-game items will be hit.
★ Click here for the details of lottery campaign!

▼ Ah Boo
Everywhere is a very luxurious and unmapped in the WY Life Player! Personally, I like Vie and Jinx skins that are easy to operate even with beginners! Because the quality of the figure is very high, it would be nice to hit!

▼ Satsuma
I saw a real figure at the preceding screening session of Arcane (described later) the other day, but it is larger than I imagined, and higher quality is high! I wanted very much! It is also nice to be a users item that is ineffective in a valuable game!

League of Legends first animation Arcane starts delivery with Netflix! Memorial events are also! (11/7 to 11/28)

New animation series Arcane (Arc ain) started in the world of League of Legends world will start delivery with Netflix! It consists of three different curtains in all 9 episodes, and the second Act (Episode 4-6) is 17:00 on the third (Episode 7-9) at 17:00 on November 13 (Episode 7-9)..
In commemoration of this, only 14 large amounts of rewards and ARCANE-style jinx and wave skin are being conducted by logging in to the game. Also, as a new champion, Was and Kremlin appearing in anime also appeared.
★ Arcane official site!
★ Click here for details of Arcane Experience!

Two impressions of watching Arcane ?

▼ Ah Boo
The video is very dynamic and music has also been a great content that matches the LOLs view of the world, and it felt that the LOL player wanted to watch it once!

▼ Satsuma
The other day LOLs first animation Arcane was delivered with Netflix limited. As an impression I watched anime, I felt very attractive for the delicate emotions and stories of the character. The character Jinx and Vie of the appearance character were actually wanted to use it!

Properer will also play everyone Cliff and lets play!

What is the attraction of Cliff from the viewpoint of professional gamers?

▼ Ah Boo
Cliff has a lot of unique champions (characters), and there is no character to make the same way around. So it is very fun to play while changing tactics in various ways! Of course, you may have a lot of champions who liked your own, and play while changing a lot of champions. Please use a lot according to your preference! I am looking forward to the implementation of many champions and skins in the future, and Im expecting!

▼ Satsuma
The attractiveness of Cliff says, no matter how many times do it with the depth of the game and the game deployment every time, it will not be bored! I just wanted to study every day, and I liked it. In the future, I would like to participate in the offline event of Wylie!

How do you play two peoples daily Wylie?

▼ Ah Boo
I usually play support and jungle mainly. My favorite champion is Baum. Mobile power is also attracted to external performance that can stop or attack the opponents movement! If anything, I am aware of playing with friends and play widely such as random mid and rankings!

▼ Satsuma
Wildlife specializes with to plants! The special champion is Darius, and ranked is a diamond 3! I usually enjoy the rank match with solo, and play a call with a friend who met in the same team and a friend in Cliff!

RIOT official delivery event implementation decision (11/27) ※ partial details undecided

Wylie 1st Anniversary Festival Decorate Delivery Event, held on 11/27 (Saturday) (planned) As MC, JAEGER, who served as a real condition of Wildlife JAPAN CUP2021, Cosplayer, Lori, which is a WY Life Player Appeared. In addition to the Cliff Special Exhibition Match, which has just finished fierce fighting in the ESPORTS scene, live delivery of Cap premium Friday, which is an official competition, is also planned. We are planning delivery content that you can welcome other nice guests and enjoy the players.

Event Overview

1 Wylie 1st Anniversary Festival: 11/11-11 / 30
2 lottery campaigns: 11/1 to 11/28 ※ 3rd week 11/111/21 ※ 4th week 11/22 to 11/28
3 Arcane public commemorative event: 11/7 to 11/28 ※ Episode 4-6 November 14th, 2012 Planned ※ episode 7-9 November 21st release schedule
4RIOT official delivery event: 11/27 (date determination / details undecided)

The first anniversary campaign page is here!

League of Legend: About Wildlife

Differed into Wildlife 5V5Moba experience of League of Legend from zero for mobile and household game consoles. You can enjoy all levels of players with a quick operation method and a quick match deployment of the pace. Team up with your friends and choose your favorite champion and decide super play!
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