Running the border of life and death with Seoul based beauty 2D action UNSOULED explosion play repo

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I dont know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time, Augusta Game has developed, new is publisher, and on November 17, 2011, Seoul ACT Unsoiled has been released early for PC (Windows) for PC (Windows) I want to deliver.

What is Unsoiled ?

This work is a 2D action game that travels in the world that has been filled with the dead while the prince of the Lost Country with the Ability to absorb the soul is pushed away. Very good impression that the completion is high at the stage of early access, such as a map made of a beautiful pixel art, a scenario expansion, a refreshing combat action, etc., etc. Lets do it right away.

Operation, setting, language

Operation of this work supports keyboards & mice and controllers. Depending on the persons preference, the recommendation from the game side is the controller, so the authors used the Xbox One Controller.

The setting item is simple, and the graphic is such as switching window mode and changes in vertical synchronization. Languages ​​are also compatible with Japanese and batch.

Difficulty setting

This work has three difficulty levels, the easiest prince of the Lost Country, the General of normal difficulty, and the Master Seoul of the highest difficulty. The contents to be adjusted are finely different, but personally, at the time of general, it was a good response in battle that is quite good.

Since the game can be changed at any time during the game, it may be good to lower the difficulty and play only if there is a partner that can not be defeated.

Main story start

Since the save slot of this work is three, it is possible to divide it every difficulty and play. In addition, since each main character can be named, it named SPOKEN every time.

Anyway, I woke up in a mysterious jail SPOKEN. Although the situation can not be swallowed, I understand that it can absorb the attack of the attack and the dead of the dead, so I will escape. What is the prince of the Lost Country where the niece is wondering? What do you see?

Overall game flow

The game development of this work is simpler, and it is clear if you beat the MUP prepared for each stage and defeat the innermost boss. Because the map is further divided into a fine area, it is good to get special items in a wide area, so you may get special items in a place where some are included, so you can search for a small fish enemy. Personally, I was looking forward to seeing a beautiful view and a design of a building without any item.

The time until the stage clear may also depend on the players skills and difficulty, but is it approximately 30 minutes? If you look at only numbers, you may think that It takes a lot of time…. However, since save points are prepared for the road, there was no sense that game is bound for a long time.

Thank you save point

This save point Grade is something like a spacetime god statue of the Devil May Cry series if it is an example? If you access the image, you can save it with recovery and check your own item (soul), and strengthen skills and capabilities.

As I mentioned earlier, this image is arranged small in the map, so it can be said that it is a kind design that it can be saved and strengthened immediately every battle. Well, the enemy will gradually become a slip point of the res pans point (?) Since it becomes more and more handed…

It is a topic that is not really related, but if you look closely with the image, its strangely sexy, its a cat and a variation, and this is a quick rival (sometimes you can cut down)

Search and combat

Most of the enemies that appear in this work are dead, that is, because it is a corpse, you can push here without fear of this. If it is a miscellaneous fish enemy, it is thought that the attack power is likely to be addressed there, but it is usually possible, and if it appears in multiple cases, it will be enclosed in a few cases, so if it is surrounded by number, damage is accumulated at once. It may be pushed.

Each area in the map is waiting for such enemies, and the prince spa to get alone is a troublesome place and a nasty place. Therefore, basically, the battle needs to be combined with the hit and way even if it is attacked in an average, so that there is a need to get used to the combo by linking the chain.

It is also possible to use the gimmicks to have a chicken battle that does not receive an enemy.

There is also a scene that changes the map structure with a special technique called Seoul Focus Break. In some areas, it is also possible to put together enemies together.

Chain combo

Return the story. When attacking, spa run is wrapped in a yellow light only for a moment, and will be in the chain state, and if you press the attack button according to that timing, it will lead to the combo. There is no reason that it is not necessary to hit a year. A technique to activate in some combo is also registered as a skill, and more power etc. will increase by enhancing later.

Since the attack and skills have attributes such as guard breaks, there is a need to change the combo pattern according to the compatibility with the enemy.

Peek through the abyss

It will hit the button in a row without knowing that the combos will be connected in the actual battle, and I will die before I do not know the translation! It is recommended to practice in the abyss.

Abyss is a special space that can be accessed from Grade etc., where you can make a simulated battle with the miscellaneous enemy. Since the button input to the left end of the screen is displayed, it is also perfect for combo practice. Furthermore, lets try a little reward by clearing the more prepared challenges, so lets challenge.


There are many other skills, and it is possible to activate any other than a collaboration from the combo, but there are also things that consume skill orb or ghost orb. The former is obtained from the dead and standby motion (a fixed number collection and one orb is 1), and the latter is obtained in the form of recovery over time. Both are continuously available if you continue fighting normally, so it will rarely get up, but it will be rarely wake up Please note that it will be cancerous if you continue to strike the skills without thinking.


Counter system is recommended for those who want to enjoy the battle that sweats in the hands of the last minute. This is a technique for transit reversal that pushes back at a stretch by hitting this attack just before the enemy attack hits. It is very difficult to determine timing, but if it is decided, it is refreshing with the sound that the metal is played with the sound that the metal is played. It is also possible to press the guard button and trigger the just guard and connect it to the chain combo from there, at a slightly simple timing.


When we arrive at the top of the map how to go, the boss will start with appearance production. As the attack power is overwhelmingly high and tricky compared to the battle with the minced fish enemies, the movement is also tricky, and when the timing is read, it will be easily brought close to half the strength.

If one of the good places of this work comes over once, you think that this is that a concrete capture tip will be displayed. Some players may also want to be displayed first, but personally, thanks to the hint display after learning the movement of the other party, the number of retries has been reduced.

…… However, this boss struggles even after hint. I also mentioned at the beginning of the article, but this is also good to decide and lower the degree of difficulty. If you have the lowest difficulty, you just hit the opponent just by hitting a proper button…! Anyway, if you defeat the boss, a new Seoul drops a drop, and you can get a very powerful technique.

in conclusion

In the map of the map, it is a broody that what happened to the world by talking about the character to be breathed now and talking to them.

Movies flowing and flowing and flowing between the stages, the monopolizer of the main character to be caught between the stages.

This work is wonderful to go out with a very good tempo that is exquisite and the balance of such operational parts and drama parts is exquisite and playful. If you are interested, how about playing?

Title: Unsoiled
Compatible models: PC (Windows)
Play model in articles: PC (Windows)
Release date: November 17, 2021
Author play time for article writing: 5 hours
Price: Price: Customer price 2,050 yen, sale price 1,742 yen (until December 2, 2021)

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