New Sci Fi Adventure on Steam is beautiful and relaxing

Phone call of Responsibility: Advanced War is a vanity shooter released by United States Author Activision. The game appeared globally on November 4, 2014 (for pre-order a day previously) for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as Windows. It is the l Ltd component of the call-of-duty collection and at the very same time the first serial title created by the United States Designer Workshop Sled Hammer Games. Porting to Xbox 360 and also PlayStation 3 was made by High Moon Studios.

EX ONE is a science fiction adventure of the other kind — and perhaps best comparable to Journey: In the free demo on Steam you can experience the sole effect of the game itself.

Some games have a goal above all: to guide you through a wonderful world and to make sure you relax. For some, the games like Minecraft, others love it cuddled in a ceiling Star dew Valley to explore. EX ONE is a different category, but it is likely to achieve that exactly the same.

In the science fiction exploration game, you control a mysterious little ball that can use gravity to take momentum and get into the air. Rolling and flying In the game, you explore different planets, followed by room and time a mysterious signal. The Hypnotic Flight Simulator connects this visually high-quality landscapes between mountainous deserts and juicy forests — your destination is always a EXOntic blue beam on the horizon that sends you on interplanetary travel.

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Hold a look at the beautiful ex one:

On the official homepage to EX ONE you can read more about it.

The approximately ten-minute demo to Ex One you can try now for free on Steam. Do not let the initial cause a little difficult control: once you learned you should move into the blood directly. EX ONE has dusted some indie prices and is so hypnotically as hypnotic as in the trailer. If your games like Journey, descending, or Flower, you should try this science fiction adventure at least once.

So far, EX ONE has appeared only on Steam and Xbox One, and the on 18 . November 2021. Whether the game will pay a visit to other consoles is so far unclear.