Animal Crossing New Horizons as a horror game is much grudgy than it should be

This year is definitely a good time for horror fans. Not only was Resident Evil: Village published, and came with the fans extremely well, even smaller indie titles like Poppy Playtime are currently ensuring headlines. Not to mention: the announcement of Chew Chew Charles, in which you have to fight against a malicious locomotive.

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Animal Crossing as horror game

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Then, of course, there are also some mods that usually transform harmless titles into a true horror adventure. Some games that are actually known for their relaxed atmosphere do not even need them to offer a scary experience.

Using the new first-person camera and great taste in the facility, the Twitter user Evil Imp, Animal Crossing: New Horizons to transform into a real horror game. Through the creepy noise and some objects like a pile Bone definitely has this house tour a certain ruse factor.

Also, the performance of Chrissy and Francine, which would probably play the twins from The Shining, is much more scary than he should be.

The video was recorded using the new first-person modes, which was brought into play with the new 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to transform your own house into a gruel villa, youll have to get a pro camera app from the Nook Mile machine.

From Daniel Link
20.11.2021 at 18:54