Abzigte Pepper leads locomotive to the derby victory against chemistry

1: 0 Stand it was 2 90 minutes, the favorite homeland had the nose at the end. Congratulations to OK, Miroslaw Fanatic showed himself as a fair loser. For the chemistry coach, it was clear: Who makes the first goal, who wins the game. The gate managed locomotive by Routinize pepper, which refined a combination with the substitute Eric Vaughan with the gate of the day in the 76th minute.

In a phase, in the Fanatic thought, we have you so far. OK had in passage one more possession, after the break you realized that OK had not found solutions. Then you started to beat what is unfamiliar to beat long balls. The 1: 0, however, sprang a successful combination. How we play the play and Sasha the goal, who liked coach Aladdin CIA already. That was well played and hard to defend.

How weve ragged it back is horny.

Sasha pepper

Goal Scorer Pepper was overjoyed, which we won the shit thing. Especially since his team had pretty heavy. Although locomotive the clearly better team had been, but the mandatory chances were missing, we always had to be careful at counterattacks. But how we made it raided out, is already horny, the pepper was looking forward to the victory.

Silvers holds the victory

It was not so excited in the end but was not. Because in the nighttime time OK did not bring the ball out of the danger zone, goalkeeper Jan-Ole severs had to raise his whole to defuse the shot of Ben Killer from eleven meters. Praise got them from guest coach Fanatic, who had seen in Derby a horny game of both teams. OK stays third, chemistry eleventh.