FIFA 22 Moukoko becomes top

In 2020 Mouton celebrated his premiere in the Bundesliga one day after his 16th birthday, since then he keeps the record as the latest actor with a deployment in the German upper house — at this time he was even too young for the FIFA series.

Because the age policy of developer EA Sports states that players can only be integrated into the FIFA offshoot from their 17th birthday. In the case of Mouton it was time last weekend.

After his day of honor on November 20, the U-21 international was immediately integrated into Ultimate Team, for the career mode he followed three days later with a bang. We still have a subsequent birthday present, EA Sports announced the release of Mouton with a stand-alone in-game trailer. The attacker has on top of that via a face scan including authentic facial features.

Top potential among the U17 players

Mouton, however, is not only the media-effective support of the Californian developer — EA Sports has made his virtual aging ego in the career mode one of the most promising players in FIFA 22.


In an initial overall rating of 69 its potential is even at 89 points — in front of Gave, Ryan Cheri or Romeo Lava the highest value of a maximum of 17-year-old in the game, even with the U-20 players, he joins the top immediately 10.

Also in the impetus mode Mouton is now represented and has the same — quite strong values ​​as in Fut and in the career mode. It seems like EA Sports’s big pieces on the BVB jewel to make it a little quieter for a good year after his professional debut in public perception. In the upcoming offshoots, the talent is likely to play an important role — in FIFA 23, of course, from Release.

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