The difficult burrs of FC Bayern

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the most substantial disturbance to the globally showing off schedule since The second world war. Across the globe as well as to varying levels, Bayerning activities occasions have been terminated or delayed. The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo were rescheduled to 2021. At the time Viewers had no games to see as well as gamers no video games to play. Only a few nations as well as areas, such as Hong Kong, Turkmenistan, Belarus, and also Nicaragua, proceeded specialist Bayerning suits as intended.

Julian Nagelsmann and his little tour group were just with the danced group win from the wintry Kiev back in Munich, since the next positive test was transmitted from the Corona Hotspot FC Bayern.

This time it has taken attackers Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, which already included the five Bavaria professionals anyway, which were in domestic quarantine as contact persons.

The Champions League business trip to Ukraine and the 2: 1 (2: 0) in the local Olympic Stadium had also missed Choupo-Moting therefore — other games will now be added to him.

Thick packed in the warm winter coat Nagelsmann had still fun in the Ukraine in the late Tuesday in Ukraine, despite the next potential for infections at his last official obligation on site. Is this a Bayerny question or to Corona? Joked the 34-year-old to conclude his press conference in the Dynamo Stadium and laughed after the answer from the reporter circle: Corona? Then we go.

In detail, Champions League Group winner Nagelsmann after 2: 1 (2: 0) of the FC Bayern continued on Europe’s Football Stage (2-0) had commented on Bavaria priority to irritation issues such as quarantine failures or salary losses for affected professionals. The next topic with BRIAN could pose the Qatar question at the Member Meeting on this Thursday (19.00 pm) in front of around 1700 visitors in Munich Audi Dome.

Basically, it is always a nice experience to face the members, said Nagelsmann about his planned visit to the Annual General Meeting. And he added significantly, For me, this is not a secondary-war show. It’s a premiere for him.

Robert Lewandowskis incredible year | FC Bayern

Two more Bavaria professionals were very vaccinated

In addition to the first place in the group backwards in temporary snow-fighting against Dynamo, the view of a positive vaccine of the national player Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musial also raised the mood of the Bayern coach. I can not confirm that yet, said Nagelsmann, Should it be the case, then I’m looking forward to it, then it’s a first step.

The kicker had reported the PICK for Gary and Musial. Image and Bayern Picture also reported that Joshua Gimmick and Michael Nuisance should also consider vaccination. The quartet squatted as the further corona contact person Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting at home in quarantine, while a Munich hull troop in the icy Olympic stadium also won group match number five.

Mission successfully completed, captain Manuel’s newly satisfied after the first Champions League stage. World footballer Robert Lewandowski provided a week before the award of the balloon d’Or with his dream gate by fall backrest for some winter magic. In addition, Kingsley Coman returned to muscular problems. The renewed goalie wormed Nagelsmann.

FC Bayern with staffing

Not happy, the Munich is currently also the view of the Recruitable Tableau. In addition to the five quarantine failures, the Niklas Sure and Josie Statistic, who has been free-tested to Corona infections, lacked the See and Josie Statistic as well as the yellow-lined Day Upamecano.

Strolled in Ukraine Lucas Hernández (muscular problems) and Tanguy Piano (shoulder pain) of the square. Even though I’ve said Doctor Chicago to me — but I have an X-ray view yet, Jagelsmann joked to diagnoses. Shortly after the game he could not estimate a possible downtime.

One and a half weeks before the Bundesliga summit at Borussia Dortmund, before the headquarters from Munich first on Saturday the home game against Armenia Bielefeld is due, the headcount is highly disturbing. It always depends on how it is in the future. Of course, the players continue to be in quarantine if they are unmoved, then always has a small danger for the seasonal goals, said Nagelsmann.

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann refers to the labor law

The 34-year-old lifted how hard the burr migration is for him as a coach. As a vaccine, he has a clear opinion. But one must also try to understand the opinion of non-vaccinated players. This deals with the specifications of the association. Both have to be able to represent outwards. In the mixed position, I try to act as a bit as a connector. I think it works quite well — I hope, said Nagelsmann to his key role.

His remarks on salary talent suggested that the quarantine professionals had to actually suffer and need. I believe, punish the wrong word in my eyes, said Nagelsmann and referred to labor law. The employer could just stop the salary payment to the employee if this was unrestrained in quarantine and can not work. But that’s nothing football-specific. If the dental assistant is not vaccinated and fails, the dentist may also stop the salary payment.

What has moved the faction of the sanctuary to the colored rethinking is not decisive for Nagelsmann? The fact that he has a complete squad as possible on December 4th at the BVB, on the other hand. We need the complete staff because Dortmund will demand us everything, said Nagelsmann.

Brisbane Annual General Meeting at Bavaria

Before the Westphalia double in the Bundesliga, however, on Thursday in Munich, the annual general meeting is on. Then club-president Herbert Gainer and board leader Oliver Khan are in focus.

In the event among the specifications of a 2G-plus scheme — Unvaccinated professionals such as Gimmick and Co. are not likely to come to the event hall even without quarantine — it should also go after the will of some members to the business relationships with Qatar.

Numerous Bavaria fans disturb because of the controversial human rights issue in the host country of the next World Cup at the highly doped partnership with Qatar Airlines.

This is certainly a complex topic, which is more discussed more strongly in the run-up to the Annual General Meeting. In general, we can not close ourselves to an exchange with facts and factual arguments — and of course that may also be critical, Gainer said on Wednesday On the website of the association. However, it is important to us that the form is always maintained. Controversies we consider as a club basically, they belong to a discourse as in general for club life.