Halo Infinite could get weapons variants reveals datamine

Despite more than 20 weapons in the game, it looks as if the list of the best weapons of Halo Infinite could be even bigger soon and all type of comeback. Weapon variants, most recently in Halo 5: Guardians were to be seen, the statistics optimize some of the most powerful weapons in the game and improve their handling, damage the holding or issuing of balls.

The Halo Infinite weapons variants by Green Knight and HaloNoticiasMX ‘were gedatamined on Twitter, lists more than a dozen weapons that could get in a future update of 343 Industries new versions.

These weapons variants include the Convergence Bulldog, which has a narrower pellet spread and a larger magazine. The MA40 Long shot variant reduces the magazine, but increases the zoom of the visor down to 1.65 times. The S7 Flex is transforming the sniper rifle at the expense of a larger Hip fire reticle to a ten-round magazine. The BR75 Preacher behaves like the normal combat gun, but fires faster and has a smaller magazine.

Rapid Fire Pulse Carbine is a simple variant, which only increases the rate of fire of the weapon. The Mangler Riven fires slower than the regular version, but fires three bullets per shot from. The Striker Sidekick currently offers better accuracy and a 14-round magazine. The Purging Shock Rifle shooting a five shot from instead of three shots.

They thought we were finished? No, there’s more. To calcine Disruptor comes with less ammo but causes a tiny explosion on the target after the shot was fired. The rocket launcher M41 Tracker tracked vehicles.

knee weapon variants.
— Convergence Bulldog
— MA40 Long shot
— S7 Flex Fire
— BR75-Breacher
— Volatile skewers

Video: Green Knight Halo Infinite pic.twitter.com/iMS2EWdVox

— Halo Infinite News & Leaks (@HaloNoticiasMX) 24 . November 2021

New weapons variants (PRT2).

Video: Green Knight Halo Infinite pic.twitter.com/FSwEDMNZFw

— Halo Infinite News & Leaks (@HaloNoticiasMX) 24 . November 2021

The last sentence of weapons, which was gedatamint, a unique Cinder shot, the larger explosions seems to have. The Unbound Plasma Pistol, causing more damage and has larger projectiles. The overload shoots and multiple projectiles.

The Pursuit Hydra has a better tracking while the Pinpoint Needle due to better tracking projectiles is slightly more accurate. The Impact Commando has a 40-round magazine and is incredibly accurate at the moment. Finally, the Arcane Sentinel Beam does more damage and has an 80-round magazine.

New weapons variants (last part).

Video: Green Knight Halo Infinite pic.twitter.com/ry13ONWDZK

— Halo Infinite News & Leaks (@HaloNoticiasMX) 24 . November 2021

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These weapons are not in the game and may never be added, perhaps only leftover files from the development of Halo Infinite. Nevertheless, it would be 343 useful to add them to keep them fresh for the multiplayer as we continue with new seasons and events.