Quartet before comeback Bellarabi has the nose in front

Originally they had hoped at Bayer 04 on Saturday against VFL Bochum (1: 0) to the return of up to five pro. But against the newcomer, only Florian With was ready for use — and was the pioneer for the first Leverkusen victory after four league games without threesome.

Karim Bellarabi’s 9-Second Record Goal Against Dortmund
On Thursday against Celtic Glasgow, the international idea is to follow four more professionals: Thus Lucas Alaric, Patrick Schick, Karim Bellcrank and Charles Tranquil on Wednesday all the end training on the square of the Ulrich-Haberland-Stadium.

Not all returnees on the same level

One or the other we will be able to see safely on Thursday, but probably not all, Gerardo Sloane explained to the quartet, which is not completely at the same level with his comeback efforts.

So Karim Bellcrank, who has come to team training last week, is closest to the next. The right-own footing is likely to be a candidate for a joker mission against the Scots and would be a real option for the Leipzig game on Sunday.

Considerations in chic

While for medium-terminals Alaric and Lechers Tranquil, who already completed at least large parts of the team training on Tuesday, would come to a start-up set against Celtic too early, is even unclear if he slips into the squad.

Although the Czech center forces trained intensively, but still individually and made with his colleagues for the first time on Wednesday. However, only in a significantly limited framework. Good possible that Schick uses the Thursday again to build up, missing against Celtic last time in order to return to the Game Day at his ex-Club RB Leipzig.

JobS haring against RB?

Sloane, who was covered as usual, indicated at least that there will be no comeback wave against Celtic. He wool put on a healthy mix, he explained to the question of how much risk he will go with the returnees. Wherein the emphasis should be on gerund. This let Sloane look through as he explained: From the players who are 100 percent available, we try to meet the best selection to tackle tomorrow’s game.

So rather without someone from the quartet in the starting eleven. Because 100 percent will at best hit Bellcrank, but the Sloane should certainly not burden Leipzig before the game at RB Leipzig. But at the top game on Sunday in Leipzig, this could change. By just Bellcrank and possibly one of the two center tower, which could do the game possibly in job sharing.