A Bundesliga manager makes RAR What does Schmadtke want

A child of the Bundesliga makes himself scarce

Where is Jo erg Schmidt? The question comes last frequent public appearances of the manager will be less. The striking. The man is a child of the Bundesliga, there is hardly one who was in the industry who has not an opinion about it always somehow different. The earlier in the glare goalie jersey with curls between the posts of Fortuna Düsseldorf and SC Freiburg stood out, which is now usually only captured more of television cameras in the stands of stadiums. With deep pulled down cap. And changing facial expressions.

Jörg Schmadtke
Last looked Schmidt again satisfied, in the first weeks of the season had darkened his face. Because he felt early, he that with Mark van Rommel had brought the wrong coach. The boss dismissed the Dutch after just nine league games, although he knew, of course, what reactions it triggers in public with it. Since then Schmidt pulls back yet more. Because he is bothered by the fact that people with whom he has never exchanged a word, presume to create from a distance a psychological evaluation of him. And so draw a picture that shows him as an enemy of every coach.

We have agreed at the last contract extension that we sit together in winter.

VFL supervisory board boss Frank Witter

Schmidt but certainly also use the inner reflection, to get clarity as long as he, whose contract expires in the summer, wants this soccer circus still entertained. It’s about the future of the Wolfsburg general manager, talks are scheduled. We have agreed at the last contract extension that we sit in the winter, said VFL supervisory board boss Frank Witter on van Bommelmand. And so we will handle this. The club wants to continue — but what will Schmidt?

Contemplation: Jo erg Schmidt in the stands with low pulled down cap. Imago images / Noah Were

The man who has brought success to Wolfsburg. Not as the celebrated by the fans People catcher, but as a well-structured team developer. Last year, the end of October was already clear that the manager still there hangs a year. I feel comfortable in Wolfsburg and have the impression that I here not’m done, he said at the time. And now? Is he finished with VFL after almost four years, four coaches and the leap from relegation to the Champions League? This answer he must now find.

‘I myself feel comfortable in Wolfsburg and have the impression that I’m not done here.

Jörg Schmidt in October

He can look back with satisfaction at what he did at VFL. For a team with total loss tinkered Schmidt together with sporting director Marcel Schaefer in three years a powerful pace troops. Brought to the track by trainers, who play a crucial role in the public perception Schmadtkes. Because are already stuck out equally successful periods in Hanover with Miro Slovak or in Cologne with Peter Stronger for many especially the stories in which there were problems on the interpersonal level. Because Schmidt does not see his job is to his buddy of his officers and merely not to offend. He assigns to the success of all under — and successful.

To continue the metaphor: First, Bruno Lambada kept in the green-white cars for a year under Schmidt the steering wheel in hand, drove the VFL in the Europa League. Only: Together on vacation, said the manager, when it became public that the chemistry between boss and coach was wrong, they would not drive. They went their separate ways after all, the unknown Austrian Oliver Glaser took in the driver’s seat. Wanted more under the hood than the but a few more horsepower ( speed and depth ) and this manifested loudly at wound down the window, it had happened again to the harmony. We are not here in Phantasialand tapped Schmidt his football coach into a Navy. Then and Glaser on its own to Frankfurt on — to anschweigend they drove still together in the premier class over the finish line.

Van Rommel also a defeat for me

The centrifugal seat was just felt Van Rommel. Because Schmidt is purely athletic point of view, personal properties sometimes can not hide, but can not be guided by them. The former aggressive leader van Rommel did not kick so hard on the accelerator, as the team boss had imagined. So the coach had to get off before the cart goes against the wall. A personnel misjudgment, as she did not often experience so often in its management career, which began 20 years ago on 1 December 2001 at Alemannic Aachen. That’s also a defeat for me, he then explained and thus offered one of the rare moments in which he opened the window to his emotional world. That’s a sad and not beautiful situation for me.

A tricky trainer driver ?

So the supposed trainer killer as a sympathetic person? Yes, who knows the Rhine lighter equipped with a dry humor, which reports that behind the hard shell a soft core hides. Only he does not like to show this. Rather, he cultivated the picture of the chewy and snug maker, who has become crimping in football business. The excesses of this business have let him go at a distance. Documented in Wolfsburg with the change from the bench to the grandstand, from where he has everything in mind and no longer sits in the middle of it. It was time for me to take a step in the other direction, he explained. That may be with age, with developments you go through.

Dry humor: Jörg Schmidt. Bong arts / Getty Images

When is the day X?

In front of the television cameras, the 57-year-old can hardly be seen. He passed this area to sports director Schaefer, which he practically forms for the day X to his successor. So it is the plan of the VFL Supervisory Board. Only when is this day? From Schaefer, who has extended his contract until 2025, is known that he wants a continuation of cooperation with his supervisor. In general, should be clarified: would be shepherded, which is dense on team and coach, not one of his great strengths losing if he would change from the cabin to the business lead chair? Or could everything take under a hat?

I would be crazy if I would not incorporate the experience of such a successful manager. I appreciate and search exchange.

Florian Krefeld

Many questions, in the center is the after the future Schmadtkes. The much in Wolfsburg has what is important to him. A dormant environment, its family including the first grandchild. His son Nils works as a boss scout for the VFL. And even with the new coach it seems to fit. Florian Krefeld appreciates it, that there is someone who will not be panic in the first problem. And: I would be crazy if I would not incur the experience of such a successful manager. I treatise and search exchange.

For how much longer? This decides alone Jörg Schmidt.