Lol the hidden tutorial in the rewards for objectives with which Riot wants you to play better

The rewards for objectives have become one of the great controversies of the new preseason of League of Legends. Its somewhat rugged launch that has led to Riot Games prepare two emergency patches to try to adjust them caused a good part of the community to show their rejection of the developer. A criticism with which the company has not agreed at all, defending the change and ensuring that it has reached the game to stay.

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A hidden tutorial in the League of Legends games

To argue this decision, the developers have not only been based on the potential of this new tool to give it something more intensity and equality to the items, but they have also wanted to deepen on their importance to help the less experienced players. The reason, according to one of those responsible for carrying it out, is that they also act as a kind of tutorial in departure that allows new players or those with less skill to learn more about the tactical aspects of the game.

According to one of the maximum responsible for the launch of these new rewards by objectives, the fact that the most important points of interest are highlighted on the headset will help to understand what is the correct way to raise the games. A decision that, always as its responsible, could improve the long-term game and promote team play due to an increase in the need to coordinate.

At the moment, what is clear is that the objectives rewards will not disappear from League of Legends. The developer will adjust them over the next patches with the intention that the system remains in the game at least throughout the year 12. A decision that, despite the initial discontent, will surely win adepts to what long of the next few weeks.