Netflix surprises subscribers with two new free games

Netflix has surprised subscribers not with more movies, but with two new free games. Earlier this month, Netflix launched Netflix Games, providing subscribers five free mobile games as well as all movies it has. Now, it is added to this small library of free games with two more free titles, and like the previous five, they do not seem to be offers for limited time, but permanent additives for those subscribed to Netflix.

The first of these two free games is Ballers of bowling, available exclusively for Netflix subscribers. The reviews at the App Store and Google Play Store are still arriving, but at the latest rating of 4.3 out of 5 in 450 user reviews, and in the first one has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in two user reviews. The other new free game is asphalt extreme, which was actually launched in 2016 and closed quickly, but now it has been revived only for Netflix subscribers. It offers review scores for similar users.

Kids are recreating Squid Game. A 14-year old is facing surgery.

Bowling players: «In most endless runners, you want to avoid objects. Bored! Play solos and knock down as many of those annoying pins as possible. Bowling Ballers is an endless bolus runner that includes a level-based mode. Actively hits the objects instead of avoiding them. The mechanics include skateboarding, flying and more, all with a simple and intuitive game.

Asphalt Extreme: Forget everything you know about the races, because all you need here are your instincts, real skill and an intrepid desire of speed. You will run through sand hills, you will charge through canyons, you will skip on the ground and escalate your opponents to reach the goal as part of an absolutely extreme career experience.

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