Pok mon Diamond Perl So you come to the iron island and get Riolu

How To Get RIOLU at Iron Island! Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Pokémon Bright diamond and luminous pearl can also catch a role. While this is really cute, but the best of it should undoubtedly be the further development to a Lucio if your friendship level increases enough. In order to get to the coveted Pokémon, however, you must first reach the iron island. How it all works, let’s explain to you here.

How do I get to the iron island?

The iron island in the Pokémon Perl and Diamond new edition is completely optional, but quite highly recommended, not only because you can get Role there. To get to the island, you have the following steps.

Go to Fleet burg Aka Canal ave City:
Either automatically in the course of the story, if you want to fight against Byron aka Adam.
Or after your lamina completed and Surfer has unlocked: Go to the right to the left and uses the hidden surfer move to come to Fleet burg.
In the southeastern part of the city of Fleet burg you will find a sailor standing in front of a boat.
Speak to the sailor, and he offers you a crossing on the iron island.

How do I get Role or the Role a?

The Role egg gets to her by Urs (Riley in English): arrived at the iron island, you have to go to the cave where you meet for some time said character. Urs wants you to help him to defeat the nasty team galactic henchmen together. He heals as a partner trainer your Pokémon team after every fight.

Arriving at the destination of the escort, Urs gives you a thank you a role — or at least one Role egg.

However, only if you still have an open slot. If not, you have to go back to Fleet burg to store a Pokémon there between and place space. But do not worry, Urs is patiently waiting for your return and still gives you the egg.

So your Role breaks out: Like any other Pokémon too. You have to move around, most likely around the 20000 steps. But do you have a Pokémon with the ability of flame stock or magma panzer in your party, it goes faster: the heat helps to exploit the egg and only halfway last.

So Role develops to Lucio

You want Lucio? Then you first need Role and must increase your friendship level as high as possible with him. The well-known Pokémon is developing from the cute Role, if you spent enough time together and lined it with treats.

You should also make sure that your Role does not tilt out of the slippers in the fight and that you fed to him no bitterly tasting herbs. With a gentle bell, the friendship increases by 50% faster.

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Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl has been available for the Nintendo Switch since November 19th. If you should have played the latest Pokémon game already, you do not need to wait too long anymore until there is replenishment: Pokémon legends: Areas should come in spring and appear on January 28, 2022.

Do you have snapped Role already? Are you keeping the Pokémon so, or do you want to have Lucio?