New images of Elden Ring are revealed

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Before its launch at the beginning of 2022, fromSoftware and Banzai NAMC have revealed new images of the next action game and adventures today. Anglo de Elden. This is our last look at the title, since the new images began to be shown quite often only a few weeks ago. And although this new footage does not show anything so drastic of Anglo de Elder, it gives us a better vision of the world in which this project will reside.

Shared with the official Anglo de Elder in today’s Twitter account, fromSoftware and Banzai NAMC showed a new title clip in the game. This footage in question only takes about 15 seconds in total, but shows the player’s character sitting at the foot of a cliff looking towards the world that he has before him. Then, the camera scrolls to show more of this world, which highlights an area of ​​ Anglo of Elder that we have not seen much until this moment. While it is not shown anything related to combat in this new footage, we can glimpse some many places that can be composed of.

As mentioned, fromSoftware and Banzai NAMC have actually been showing a ton of elder during the last month or so. Not only did we get an extensive gaze to the title to start November, but Anglo de Elder also performed a network test for some fans who allowed them to practice the game early. According to our own impressions of this network test, Elder is definitely outings as an evolution of the Dark Souls series in which fromSoftware has previously worked. According to all accounts, this game seems that it will be another winner for the beloved game developer.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal
At this point in time, Anglo de elder actually, it is not far from its release date. The game is ready to finally launch at the beginning of 2022 on February 25 and will arrive at PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC platforms. To keep up with our coverage before the launch, you can continue in our dedicated center right here.