Genhin Impact WebEvent Travel illustrations for free virgin stone and more

Life is Strange: Real Colors is a graphics experience video game developed by Deck Nine as well as published by the European subsidiary of Square Enix. It appeared in its totality on September 10, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/ S, Stadia, and also arranged in 2022 Nintendo Switch. This is the fifth part of the Life Is Unusual series and the third main game, succeeding Life is Unusual 2. The story focuses on Alex Chen, a girl that can feel the feelings of others, while she attempts to fix the enigma behind the death of his bro.

The developers of Genshin Impact have launched a new web event, which introduces you for free, Morey, mystical reinforcing or hero wisdom, if you participate in diligently.

The web event traveler illustrations is active until December 12, 2021, and introduces you Daily tasks that you want to do on seven days if you want to get all the rewards. Below is a brief overview of the tasks and the rewards of the Genshin Impact Event.

Web action travel illustrations — tasks

Traveler’s Pictures Book — so the travel illustrations can be found on a bottom of the official website for Genuine Impact or in the game under the tab special promotions. However, you need at least adventure rank 20 for participation!

Day 1 (from 3 December 2021 unlocked)

[2020/07/11] hi hi! (Valorant)

Log in one day — Reward: 1 color

Starts an exploration discovery and closes it — Reward: 1 color
Complete a total of four daily commissions — Reward: 2 colors

Day 2 (from 4 December 2021 unlocked)

Logs two days — Reward: 1 color
Collect 3 Crystal Core — Reward: 1 color
Play any domain — Reward: 2 colors

Day 3 (from 5 December 2021 unlocked)

Logs three days — Reward: 1 color
Use a total of 480 original resin — Reward: 2 colors
Complete a total of twelve daily commissions — Reward: 2 colors

Day 4 (from 6 December 2021 unlocked)

Logs four days — Reward: 1 color
Defeat a boss — Reward: 2 color

Day 5 (from 7 December 2021 unlocked)

Logs five days — Reward: 2 colors
Use a total of 900 original resin — Reward: 2 colors

Day 6 (from 8 December 2021 unlocked)

Logs six days — Reward: 2 colors
Collects Caretaker in the pot of transience — Reward: 1 color

Day 7 (from 9 December 2021 unlocked)

Logs seven days — Reward: 2 colors
Collects a Realm Bounty in the pot of transience and gets friendship XP from a traveler that you have invited there — Reward: 1 color

Web action travel illustrations — rewards

Over the duration of the web event, you have to collect a total of 20 colors to create 100 percent of the final rewards. The rewards are staggered in 20 percent steps. Here is the overview:

20 percent completed: You get 3 adventure EP and 5 high-quality reinforcing
40 percent completed : You get 30 virgin and 10,000 Morey
60 percent completed: You get 3 of a hero wisdom and 5 mystical reinforcing
80 percent done: You get 3 of a hero wisdom and 5 mystical reinforcing
100 percent done: You get 50 virgin and 20,000 Moras

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