Final Fantasy 14 So Patch 6 0 makes the game more comfortable

With patch 6.0 and early access to the fourth enlargement end walker, the final chapter in many years of history around Madelyn and Zodiac in Final Fantasy 14 has begun. In addition to the announced content, the update also brought a lot of small changes that are easily overlooked at first glance and significantly increase the game quality significantly.

New target circuits for spells

With FFI patch 6.0, the target circuits were revised, which can be placed for some spells (for example refugees). Under Character Configuration Target, you will now find the settings for floor target mode. Final Fantasy 14: So Patch 6.0 makes the game more convenient (4) Source: FFXIV patch Movement only possible within the command area of ​​commands Prevents you from preventing the area of ​​action with the target circle and gets it in areas where you get it anyway can not place.

Practical is also the function command tripping by double touch. With this you do not have to confirm the placement with left click, but can simply press the hotkey for the command twice, the spell automatically worked to the position of your mouse.

Teleport er and travel settings

FFXIV: 6.0 Patch Notes - Prelim. FULL READING

There is now also new settings for the teleworkers. These allow you to use a teleport ticket as soon as the price for teleport exceeds a certain sum. For example, you do not want to pay any money for teleportations, which cost more than 1,000 Gil, you can set this in the settings. Prerequisite is of course that you have enough tickets in the inventory. Final Fantasy 14: So Patch 6.0 makes the game more convenient (3) Source: FFXIV patch In addition, the teleportations were made easier by means of the threaten within a zone. So you now have an overview of all destinations on the left. If you select this, you will automatically mark the destination on the map, which makes the journey within a city much more enjoyable. Final Fantasy 14: So Patch 6.0 makes the game more comfortable (1) Source: FFXIV patch Which small comfort improvements do you still discover? We are looking forward to your comments!

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