FC Bayern Coman avoids confession

Julian Nagelsmann (born 23 July 1987) is a German expert football supervisor and previous gamer who is the head coach of Bayern Munich.

Kingsley Coman has avoided a clear commitment to his Club Bayern Munich and sees several options for his future. However, the door for FC Bayern still not struck, he stressed on Tuesday on the press lesson in front of the duel in the Champions League against FC Barcelona (Wednesday, 21:00 clock).

I would like to just finish the season and give the best. Then we’ll see, but that’s another bit, said the 25-year-old. Most recently, there had been media reports that Woman could leave Bayern in 2023 before expiration of his contract.

Of course we have talked. The club will continue talking to my adviser, and maybe we will soon have news, he said now. He always wanted to play for a top club, and FC Bayern is a top club, one of the largest in Germany and the world. I am very grateful for everything you have done for me.

After his heart surgery in September he goes very well again, the wing player reported. I had great worries, if everything works, he said. But it was all went very well and everything much better since the procedure. I can now better focus on the game.

Nagelsmann gives news about the staff

FC Bayern, that made it clear in JULIAN NAGELSMANN Chef Trainer, will not say a regular player against FC Barcelona. Participation in the secondary finals have the unprecedented Muncher but certainly.

Nevertheless, some key players are missing. Leon Goretzka did not get it, to be fit in time, also at Serge Gnabry is not enough. Joshua Gimmick scares with the hooves, but must be careful to Corona infection. The midfielder is tested on Wednesday, but a quick comeback is not in the case of a negative result.

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting is also missing after surviving corona infection, and Michael Nuisance and Marcel Sanitizer continue to have problems. At the Austrian, it can certainly come so that he does not deny another game for FC Bayern until the winter break.

The most important statements by Nagelsmann and Woman for reading:

+++ End of the PK of FC Bayern +++

With these designs, the press conference of Bayern ends before the King class game against FC Barcelona.

+++ Would you like more communication from the defensive chain? +++

Nagelsmann: Absolute. That’s an extremely important point that the defense must learn. Even the outer chests are very quiet. One of the first things I’ve learned from Ralf Rang nick: There are drawn and pushed actions. Müller pushes on, but no eyes, if he attacks and the defense behind it is not ready, that’s not good. With good communication you can achieve more. Automatic is also a lot more concentrated when you are communicating. Many forgot: if two speak, It helps both. A win-win situation, so to speak.

+++ What do story games mean for your work? +++

Nagelsmann: I’m always hard to talk about an advantage. Because it implies that I do not want to specters. But it makes work easier, the communication. This also applies to Thomas Müller. I have to curb my emotional things sooner, you are already annoying about a pass. That would be under 60,000 spectators. I work.

+++ How do you take the crash of Barça? +++

Nagelsmann: Do not worry about our club, what the financial situation is concerned. Barcelona is a charming club for many people. The development there is because the debts are so high. If this number floats over you, you are inhibited. It is said: Most mistakes are doing successfully. Then you turn out decisions. Because you win everything, the Champions League, League, Cup. Then you think of it early, what happens if it’s worse. Also, La Asia does not like it Last punched out, with players now come back with players like Nico, Gave or ANSI Fate. I now pick Frankie de Long, who is outstanding. So they get it to get such players.

+++ Will you save regular players like new and Lewandowski? +++

Nagelsmann: No, they will start. We want to win, I think Benefice was not traveling against us. Beautiful greeting to Lisbon.

+++ What do you say about the possible Lewy record? +++

Nagelsmann: If Lewy can break a record, that would be good for the team. But for him, I would also be happy because he deserves it. He can prove how well he is, just after the lost balloon d Or.

+++ What do you say about the discussions at the BVB? +++

Nagelsmann: Something like this is a top game when it comes to such scenes. The discussion about the action against Zeus is in retrospect, because Haaland was out of the way. But I can also understand Marco Rose that he was emotional. To the guidance : I would not have complained if he had not been given. But it’s a can penalty. I can understand that you can complain about Dortmund er point of view. Which player then meets what statement, I can not say anything.

+++ Why do you rarely play to zero? +++

Nagelsmann: Compactness — I love this word. That must be defined by me. We are a team that have a lot of possession. Are there in the front of the Champions League and Bundesliga. Then we play very offensive, that’s very good be in the residual defense. We have often made too little pressure on the ball side, for example against Dortmund. The opponents have used the rooms well then we have to go to developing steps. The two players who played almost everything in recent years Having FC Bayern, are not there anymore. With Niki Sure, Hernández and Upamecano we have to find us first. It has nothing to do with ‘compactness’, but with the behavior of ball loss.

+++ What makes a Woman praise with you ?? +++

Nagelsmann: That makes me happy first. Kings qualities are different in nature. He has a very good degree, which in my opinion in the league has led too many goals in recent years. He has an incredible acceleration, there he is In the movements certainly among the top 3. Furthermore, he is a very good preparation, of course, I want to keep him for several years now. I also appreciate him as a person who has flowered into his heart theme. He moves free, is in a good mood And makes many good games. He certainly does not play on his 1A position because he has to come back. But even against deep teams, it is good to have him. It would be nice if he’s for several years here.

+++ Is it synonymous to cone Barça? +++

Nagelsmann: You have a very young and talented team and are under pressure due to the constellation. We are less about leaving someone. We want to win three points.

+++ What can be improved? +++

Nagelsmann: We do it better in phases, but can also increase us. Maybe we do not put every attack against gate. We could certainly step up the ball and take out tempo.

+++ Would a victory be a sign? +++

Nagelsmann: It is a very worthwhile goal to go out of the group stage with a perfect point yield. It’s also about a tor record, because we still have to make some goals but not too many.

+++ What differences do you see between Xavi and Woman? +++

Nagelsmann: Xavi and the team did not have many training sessions yet. But they defend higher now, even the counterpressing is more like under Pep. That’s very brave. These are the biggest differences I have seen. Time builds over three people on, sometimes under four. But Woman did, but I already have an idea.

+++ Nagelsmann about ghosts and staff +++

Nagelsmann: Popular feels funny. That we are already through before the last game, I would have liked to be signed before. The situation with the spots has been sufficiently discussed. It is also an important game for us. It’s about it’s about it also to compensate for a few missing players. And we still have Bundesliga games until the winter break we need to win. We have to hold up the level. Champions League is always something special.

Staff: Gretzky did not get it. That will make no sense. It’s not enough at Gary. At Choupo-Moting, we have to wait for a week after the Corona infection. He is negative, but more is not there yet. Joshua Gimmick is tested tomorrow, but now was four weeks now and that makes no sense. Of course, he scarrings with the hooves, you can imagine. We have to look there. Nuisance also has problems. Sanitizer is still in individual workout, which still takes his time. There is a small healing course, but you can still see a little injury. Rather no, that he takes again before the winter break.

+++ Fragrance ended with Woman +++

That was already of Kingsley Coman. The wing runner now makes room for his head coach Julian Nagelsmann.

+++ How do you see Nagelsmann +++

Woman: He has a lot of energy and goes on to us. That’s just very good. We have not had such a coach for a long time, which had such a good impact on the team.

+++ After the procedure: have you become even better? +++

Woman: We had great concern that everything works and made many tests. It will be so that I need to go more often in medical supervision in the future. But I can fully focus on the game and look forward to That has worked so well.

+++ What does the FC Bayern mean to you? +++

Woman: I always wanted to play for a top club, FC Bayern is one of the best and largest in the world. Here I played as a professional at the longest. I am very grateful to the club. It’s then a decision later I have to meet. The door is not struck.

+++ Demand for the contract situation: Are there no conversations? +++

Woman: Of course we have guided conversations. The club will continue to speak with my consultants. Maybe we will soon have news.

+++ How important is Gimmick? +++

Woman: He is very important, he is very experienced. Although we have played well without him, but it’s good when we returned him back.

+++ How do you appreciate Barça? +++

Woman: It’s still a good team. That’s always an opponent that you can hardly win. But we want to win. We also put on our fans and give the best.

+++ What does your future look like at Bavaria? +++

Woman: At the moment I just want to play this season. I want to give the best, then we will see. There are several options, I’ll see it.

+++ What needs to be better? Who are the competitors? +++

Woman: There is a lot to improve. Since the first match we just try to win everything. We build more and more self-confidence. What the main opponents concern: all teams are strong.

+++ Kingsley Coman makes the beginning +++

Wing Storm Kingsley takes place and gives its assessments before the final group match of the Champions League. Subsequently, head coach Julian Nagelsmann takes over the chair.

+++ Gary is missing in Bavaria training +++

FC Bayern Munich has agreed on Tuesday morning without Serge Gnabry on his final group game in the Champions League against FC Barcelona. The German international graduated as Michael Nuisance and Marcel Sanitizer off the team an individual unity. More here!

+++ Successful top game in Dortmund +++

The duel with FC Barcelona is self-confident the FC Bayern. On the weekend, the record champion in the Rather against Borussia Dortmund once again had the nose on the nose, meanwhile the lead at the top is four meters.

We have to lead significantly higher at halftime. […] In the end we earned we deserved, Julian Nagelsmann explained after the game. He described the hotly discussed penalty, which led to the 3: 2 victory goal, he described as inscription.

+++ Does FC Bayern throw the FC Barcelona from the premier class? +++

In the Champions League, the sixth victory in the sixth game should follow against the FC Barcelona. Punchers are already qualified for the secondary finals and could basically allow themselves to rotate greatly.

Nevertheless, there is a lot on the game, the Catalans urgently need a victory in Munich in order to qualify for the K.O. round.