Ubisoft Quartz Publisher founds platform for trade in Ingame

In October 2021 we had reported that Ubisoft was increasingly in the business with crypto gaming. The French publisher was already investing in various crypto companies, as well as a collaboration with IMOCA Brands in the room, which look at themselves as a global top for the branded blockchain gaming area. Other blockchain initiatives should come from the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab in France.

Performance: Ubisoft Quartz

And in fact, Ubisoft has already introduced the first result of these initiatives. On the new Ubisoft Quartz platform, the trade in NFTs should be made possible. The promise of the Publisher:

Ubisoft Quartz is a new experience for our players who build on our vision, creating a great connection between you and the worlds that loves to create. Our goal is to offer you more independence and ability to act when it comes to the Interaction with In game Items is going to help you write your own story.

Here we offer you a platform on which you can acquire the first Ubisoft NFTs with digits, usable in HD games and building on energy-efficient technology.

Digits are based on the blockchain technology BEZOS, which according to Ubisoft is considered to be particularly efficient and consuming less energy than known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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First victim: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Although the platform is still in the beta, but you can now buy NFTs for an important game from the Ubisoft portfolio: Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The NFTs should be the only cosmetic nature. The difference to the epic and legendary collection articles of the game: The digits are provided with a unique serial number and are always offered in limited edition. Buyers are actually owners of the purchased skins and can sell them to other players, for example. The name of the previous owner is available at any time.

Currently, the sale of the NFTs is still limited to PC players using Ubisoft Connect. Certainly, however, more Ubisoft games and consoles will come over time. Important Ubisoft franchises are about Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Locksmith, Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia, Anna and Watch Dogs.

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