Alan Wake 2 Remedy confirms his late sequel and points to a launch in 2023

After resurrected Alan Wake With the confirmation that the video game originally launched by Remedy in 2010 shares universe with control and the launch of a remaster in recent months, developers have confirmed in the context of Game Awards that the title It will have a second installment. Late sequel for a culture of worship released at Xbox 360 that have recently been able to enjoy players from all platforms with their renewed version.

Alan Wake 2 Was Leaked

Alan Wake 2 will be a reality in 2023

Unfortunately, the announcement has not offered any advance of which can be the new adventures of the most mysterious literary of video games. Remedy has only revealed his arrival at Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in the year 2023. Even more than a year of waiting that will be very long for fans, which At least they already have the confirmation that there will be below after the ‘ocean’ in which the first installment concluded.

All we can expect is to follow the master lines of the first playability, where light had a capital importance. However, you will have many more dyes of ‘survival horror’ that the first delivery, where terror focused more on the psychological plot and the environment.