HSV climbs in third place

Glazed double pack against Hans

From 7th to 3rd place: The 17th match day has run according to the taste of the Hamburg SV. At the 3-0 against Hans Rostock on Sunday, the reds of the red fetched nothing — Glazed (8.) and rice (18th) quickly caused clear conditions. In the final phase, Glazed put another hit after (80.) and finally made the sack. Despite the defeat in the first competitive match against the North Rivals For more than 13 years, Hans continued to spend five points to the descent zone.

Happy Derby victory for Dresden

Because AUE — on relegation plate 16 — also lost. Dynamo Dresden decided the Sachsenderby in the Erzgebirge quite happy for himself. The duel was missing for a long time at pace and intensity, so that ultimately a bad mistake of male brought the decision: Königdörffer took the gift of the Gatekeeper thanking (61.). Dresden pushed themselves through the 1-0 victory at the end of the first round in eleven and tightened the worries with the violets.

KSC ended Dagenham winning streak

The 1st FC Dagenham had to be beaten after three wins in series in the Karlsruhe SC — and despite leadership by small service (6th). Batman but beat promptly and turned the game later (8./39.). When Wanted raised after a hand game from Busch by penalty to 3: 1, the game seemed already decided. Small service by head she made it exciting again. In the detention time, another goal of the striker was not recognized because of the right to right, it remained at the 3: 2 home win of the KSC.

Cartels number 1, Henning’s number 9 — no winner in Düsseldorf

On Saturday night Düsseldorf stopped the winning streak of Autumnmeister St. Pauli. The Kiev double packs missed the fourth threesome in a row at the 1: 1, despite leadership. The Fortuna defied after the surprising 3: 1 in the table-second Darmstadt now also the leader. After a rapid start and lots of idling it went to the cabin. After Cartels Tor debut, St. Pauli seemed to course, but Jennings Saisontor number 9 made the hamburgers a dash through the bill.

Patrick instead of Luca: Darmstadt wins the top game in Paderborn

Nobody jumped up: Patrick Pfeiffer (2.v.r.) hit a crucial. Imago Images / Ulrich Hunger

In Ostwestfalen met at Saturday afternoon two offensive rise aspirants, the last inferior Darmstadt (1: 3 against Düsseldorf) were guests in Paderborn (three draws in a row). A pair of upward to see before pause: SABENA and Just van on one as well as Honda and Dietz on the other side could have been worried about counting. The game remained intense after restart, but the clear chances remained. In the final phase, it already smelled after the next Paderborn draw, but after a corner, Patrick Pfeiffer rose the highest and did what his namesake could not do (81.). Forager Luca (12 goal directors) had been replaced shortly after the break due to injury. This time, this time the other Pfeiffer became the match winner — Big Points for the lilies, which have the first round in two ends and now only four points behind St. Pauli.

Kiel brings a point against efficient androids

The Singles Tannhauser for four games traveled to Kiel, which sat back on Maine in the gate. After Barrels failed to Druids (9.), Pitcher made everything right in the 19th minute and used to lead. Only seven minutes later, the VS beat back, Souk met with the first chance for the sand houses to compensate (26th). The game lost attractive attractiveness, opportunities were not to be admired in the second section for a long time. Only after an hour that changed, thanks to Kiel Reese and Barrels briefly made good opportunities for a short time. In the 72nd minute but the cold shower for ever stronger Killer: Tannhauser demonstrated this time in person of Kirov pure efficiency and went for the first time in front. The Ostseestädter did not open and used a Lapses of Keeper Druids to 2: 2-final — Korzybski had a light game.

Borowski annoyed REM: Hanover arrived in midfield

At Ingolstadt, Rudder REM celebrated his debut as a coach, his opposite Christoph Borowski was started with a 1-0 against HSV in his time as an interim coach. Also in Upper Bavaria, it was initially as desired, Cofferdam Depending Hair met for the first time in the 9th minute for the 96s. But the first half had even more highlights to offer: First, Gas put the compensation (29.), marriage MAIN brought the Lower Saxony back in front (37.). In the 62nd minute Hanover was again mentioned in the goal again, but Best’s goal was denied because of the recognition. However, it was also enough for Hanover, which has now brought two victories in two games with Borowski and has arrived in midfield.

Schalke and Nuremberg did nothing in the pursuit duel. Imago images / zinc

Shaffer owner brings S04 into the track

An exciting Fight delivered on Friday night Schalke and Nuremberg. In the duel of the two old master — S04 seven titles, the Club nine — there was a post hit in the first round, a gate for the royal blue through Ocean (20th) and a not given hit of the FAN, which caused a lot of excitement. The guests took the gate at the beginning of passage two through Nuremberg, an own goal of Shaffer surf Schalke ultimately into the track. S04 — Again without head coach Dimitrios Grammars — doubled, and at the end a 4: 1, with the Schalke passing past FAN and knocking up to the top of the top.

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Six-point start for Werner on the Welder Bank

With Bremen, the second Bundesliga relegated contact was added upwards, the 3: 2 in Regensburg — only two meters better — was the second threesome under Ole Werner. At first, it did not look after a six-point start for the new Welder coach, at the first league duel at all between the two teams, the John led early to a standard by Riding Cross. Bremen shook himself, found in the game and combined before the break to compensate by beggar. Fried (59.) and Duck sch (89th) turned the game. At the end, it was again exciting after Singh (90. + 2) shortened and another John hits did not recognize.