Pulse Vis Black Desert Mobile New Class Eclipse Update

An MRI series in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a certain setting of pulse series as well as pulsed area gradients, leading to a specific image appearance. A multiparametric MRI is a combination of two or more sequences, and/or consisting of other specialized MRI setups such as spectroscopy.

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Nova Awakening Class ‘Eclipse’ fencing like fencing and spacious paving attack technology holds

Black Desert Mobile New Class Eclipse & Memory Imprint Patch Note EP 152

The new system ‘Memory Engraving’

Part, the BIS (CEO) updated the new class ‘Eclipse’ and the new system ‘memories’ today (14 days) today.

‘Eclipse’ is an awakening class of ‘Nova’. Utilizes Weapons ‘Sting’ with the power of a distorted goddess. String is deformed to a ‘ring’ in the form of long and sharp ‘swords’ and sickle according to the technology used. Like fencing, fast patterns of fast patterns can be driven by the enemy as a wide vibration to take advantage of attacking and rings.

With technology, we obtain special resources called ‘Breath of Star’, and all the technologies of Eclipse are strengthened and more powerful.

‘Memory Engraving’ is a new system that imparts a variety of effects on the equipment. The memory of the heroes that appeared in the black desert worldview is obtained by the memory of the memory of the heroes ▲ Avoid attack power or defense, ▲ When using a life power recovery agent, it is immediately accomplished to the enemy. It can be imparted.

As the hero remembers every continent, ‘memory’ items can be obtained differently by region. The memory of Valencia’s famous heroes ‘Kansas’ can be engraved in shoes and can only be obtained in the chaos of Valencia. Certain memory that can be engraved on the pitch can only be obtained in the Ca maria Via region.

Meanwhile, black desert mobile held ‘Calpain Banquet’ on December 12th. In this banquet, new classes ‘Eclipse’, new system ‘stamped’, new local ‘ligand’ and war content reorganization have been updated and real-time global Q & A time. It is the evaluation that the first half of the Handel banquet, followed by a user’s conference on two times a year and a global real-time query response.

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