Shakes Fidget Lord of the Things

Shakes & Fidget: Legendary Dungeon - Lord Of The Things - Official Teaser Intro
Also Shakes & Fidget celebrate Christmas and, of course, invite your heroes to exciting adventures! The big highlight of the Christmas season at Shakes & Fidget: The Legendary Dungeon opens again! This time it goes with Lord of the Things Aka Lord of the Things in a dungeon, the thematic — anyway, how should it be different?! — On the Lord of the Rings is based. In it, you meet new opponents, you will find new environments and Legendary’s. The teaser from which you will learn why the nazgûl-blend was the superintend and defensive Santa Claus ENT gifts… well, see himself ^^ ​​The Legendary Dungeon opens on December 17, 2021 at 16:00 Watch its doors!

Partition parade, gloss parade and more!

Apart from that, the Christmas update of Shakes & Fidget also gives the tavern events of the mushrooms, hot iron, gloss parade of the gold, aural large plaster and tardy pets.

That means the following: from Friday afternoon and until Montage night, there are 20 percent more fungi when buying, fivefold quantity gold for the completion of tavern quests, the guard, the fortune wheel and the dice player and 50 percent more gold from the gold pit. There are also the following bonuses: 15 breakpoints in blacksmith, resource bundle finds for metal and Arcane splinters in tavern quests, double arcane splinter quests in the fortune wheel and the dice player, double man amen, when an object is donated in the toilet, triple finding amount of fruits in tavern quests and the fortune wheel, Each PET eats up to 9 fruits per day and depending on the riding the quests are shortened (not the adventure load costs!). Phew, lots!

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