Aspire Ina s Tale Launch Trailer zum Jump n Run

Untold Tales and Wonderful Studio published the atmospheric and sensitive twisted Aspire: Ina’s Tale. The game is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, for Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Caught in the eternal slumber of the cruel tower, which nourishes from the dreams of his victim, awakens a prisoner. Lost in the inner chambers the Hero’s Ina now has to look for a way out. On the way there, she crosses wonderful landscapes, meets enigmatic characters, triggers intuitive puzzles and masters Jump’n’Run sequences, while closer to their destination — but is always further from the innocence.


Explore a living tower: Loses you in a mystical side scrolling adventure through beautiful, extensive levels, each of which has its own atmosphere. Each region has its own peculiarities that apply to dew flies.

Captivating story: Ina’s dreams form the reality while the tower feeds. Hopes and imagination breastfeed his hunger. How are the two connected together?

Meet the tower dwellers: learns to know the other inhabitants of the tower on your search for the truth. Discover your past, your memories and frees you.

Aspire: Ina's Tale - Announce Trailer
Controlling spirits: Ina was held for a certain reason, and their powers stand in resonance with the spirits that inhabit the tower. Use it to manipulate objects, solve puzzles, uncover hidden passages and navigate the environment to find a way out.

You can now watch the Aspire: Ina’s Tale Launch Trailer: