Klopp would have a real decision preferred

It was a football festival in Nordlondon: 2: 2 The Tottenham Hotspur against Liverpool probably had everything a football match: goals, a wealth of offensive actions, a place of space — and numerous discussable referee decisions. For Kl opp, above all, three playing of playing: a not given place reference against Tottenham’s striker star Harry Kane, a not given penalty after a supposed foul on Diego Iota and the red card against his left-back Andrew Robertson after a procedure of the Var.

Robertson could have broken the leg

He found the latter decision against the Scots a scarce quarter of an hour before the final whistle basically okay: You can give ‘Robby’ a red card. It has not been able to get cleverest, he knows himself. Not to be understood for Kl opp, however, the rating of a similar hard foul from Kane to Robertson in the first pass: I think we all agree that this is a clear red card, says Kl opp, who mainly emphasized the risk of injury scene: It was pure coincidence that his (Robertson, ANM. D. Red.) Leg was in the air. If it is on the ground, he could have broken. Therefore, Harry in the second half should not be in the square.

However, in the attack of the English national player, Var saw no reason to intervene. For Kl opp, especially this disproportionality is incomprehensible: We have a var who thinks’ thinks’ the situation with Robertson I look at me again ‘. That’s okay, but he’s there in the situation?

It’s always helpful if you have played football yourself.

Jürgen Klopp

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Mute remained pipe and var even with a potential penalty whistle for Diego Iota in the 37th minute. The referee tells me that Diego remains intentionally standing because he wants to be hit, the LFC coach reported on the justification of the impartial Paul Tierney, which he commented relatively dry: It is always helpful if you played football yourself. Following the long-standing Mainz and Dortmund was warned of complaints. I was a little more emotional, he comes over and gives me the yellow card, Kl opp summarizes the situation together and adds: I preferred a real decision on the field.

Strong fight against bad starting position

With the performance of his team, he was still satisfied: The complete midfield that has played the last few weeks has missed, the best center-back of the world is in quarantine, and we lose our captain on the match day, summarized the native Stuttgart the starting position, after Which one can not expect to play the best game of the season. You have to fight through and did the guys done.

Also, against the disputed decisions of the referee’s scanners, where for Kl opp in conjunction with the Var remains a big problem: The disproportionality is definitely the most frustrating.