Ludwigsburg delivers great Fight Bavaria

FC Bayern München - MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg | 11. Spieltag, 21/22 | MAGENTA SPORT

The basketball players of Bayern Munich remain bench leader even after the eleventh match day in the basketball Bundesliga. At 79:78 (42:40), the team of Trainer Andrea Trencher won the top game against the MHP Raised Ludwigsburg on Sunday and drove the sixth victory one after the other. Basketball National Andreas Fruit Vamped with 18 points to top scorer, DeShawn Thomas met the crucial litter in an exciting final phase. Thomas 2.3 seconds before the end with the Game winner The Bayern took over the middle of the first quarter by an 18: 4-run control over the game, in the second passage of the guests But out of a 15: 0 run. In a varied game, the Munich went with the momentum in the final section. There Km Ludwigsburg returned and went for a short time thanks to a 14: 2 run and a strong Jonah Debauch. But DeShawn Thomas met 2.3 seconds before the end of the playing litter.