Steam Deck improves moments with a significant increase in compatibility with your games

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The unexpected delay of Steam Deck has left us without the opportunity to taste the console during this Christmas, but this does not mean that I can not search perfect your proposal. Do nothing, we saw that your operating system had significantly reduced its original size, and now we are given more data around the compatibility of the machine with the most powerful games of Steam.

Steam Deck game compatibility issues

Steam Deck is already compatible with 80% of Steam’s most popular games such as Adela ta PC Games, which has been set on the information collected by the proton db community (specialized in checking the compatibility of the proton games), Steam Deck has already managed to execute the 80% of the top 100 popular games of the digital platform. Among the titles that, for the moment, are left out of this list, we find games as Destiny 2 or New World, so you will have to wait for upcoming news about the performance of these adventures in the Valve console.

After all, from Proton db ensure that the machine could increase the aforementioned figure up to 88% If the developers launch patches for their games such as Easy Anti-Cheat or Battleaxe, because they are compatible with Proton. In addition, Steam has games that can not be executed using Proton, so its performance in Steam Deck is unknown.

Therefore, Valve takes advantage of the extra weeks to finish polishing Steam Deck along with statements with which they claim to avoid exclusive games, because they do not believe that it is a practice that lace with their ideas. On the other hand, and although the percentage of executable titles in Steam Deck is still not definitive, we have already been informed that we will have the option of knowing the compatibility of them before buying them, which will facilitate many decisions for The user as soon as it goes to the market at February 2022.

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