How to cook perfectly fish shark kraken meat and megalodon in Sea of Thieves

After catching a fish MER of thieves, you have the possibility to turn it into the hunter’s call for a reward for a lump sum, or you can increase the amount you receive by cooking. You can also eat cooked fish to heal you as well as your teammates. The same goes for any shark meat, Kraken or Megalodon that you are acquiring during your travels. Fish cooking requires a little practice because there is no direct timer telling you how long you have to do it. The best way to do it is to look at how meat changes while cooking and learn to remove it from a saucepan.

All you need to cook MER of thieves is a saucepan that you can find on the deck of your ship or campfires that you find on the islands and the forefront. These places should have a saucepan resting above the flames where you place your fish meat.

HOW TO COOK | Delicious Kraken Meat | Sea of Thieves Guide

Cooking fish and shark

You will have more ease to cook the fish as the big pieces of meat, because to cook it correctly, you must pay attention to the eyes of the fish and the sound it emits during the boil. The size of the fish is also important, the big fish requiring more time in your stove. Medium fish and shark meat require at least 40 seconds in the pan, while trophy fish, which are larger versions of the ordinary fish and shine in the dark, take about 90 seconds to cook properly. You do not want to leave them on a saucepan for more than 80 and 180 seconds, respectively.


For those who are able to slaughter a kraken or a Megalodon can jump into the water to claim a piece of creature meat. You can throw them in the pan, just as you would with shark meat, but their cooking takes a lot more time. You have to leave it there for at least two minutes. Furthermore, you will burn your valuable meeting if you leave there for more than four minutes.