New World Falling player number on Steam stabilizes before 2022 at a high level

The MMORPG WORLD was after a short high-altitude flight to the release in October 2021 over weeks constant in the sink flows and lost about 80% of his players on Steam within two months. This sink flight at the player count was stopped in December 2021. The MMORPG stabilizes since the 6th of December — and at a high level.

How did the players ran at New World?

New World is extremely started, in October you had 913,000 players in the peak and 410,000 players on average. An absolutely bombastic value for a new MMO on Steam.
But already in November, the numbers went down by 62% — instead of 410,000 players were only 155,000.
In December, the number now seems to establish 98,000 and 127,000 an average of active players somewhere.

Nicholas brought stability to New World at Player Number on Steam

That falls on : If you look at the game numbers at New World, a plateau has been achieved for several weeks. There is no major waste and no more big increases: the curve is relatively flat.

For example, the Nicholas Day, December 6, 2021, the number of players move in a relatively narrow corridor:

December New World Team Update

The fewest players had New World on 15.12. With about 98,000 players on average.
Most players had New World on 6.12. With 127,000 players on the cut.
Every day from 6.12. Until 29.12. Lying in this relatively narrow field — on many days, the 110,000 players on average are actively active in New World.

Why did the game trap now ? One can probably assume that the people, the New World play now, the game either really likes or only very slowly progress and have not yet reached the maximum level.

It is relatively normal that only one core community is holding at such a game. Many listen to the maximum level and wait until something new comes.

Server Merges (from 485 to 135 servers) and improvements in gaming are also likely to have helped New World captures in December.

Are the players’ figures well? It is enough at least 1 to Steam at the most played MMOs — but it is no madness number anymore.

It must be remembered that other MMOs, in addition to Steam, have their own clients, run on consoles or mobile, and therefore the number of players spread to several platforms, at New World there are really just the Steam players. It is therefore logical that New World is far above Steam player numbers.

There are 110,000 already very neat — but apparently no largest MMORPG in the world potential more. As that goes on, January 2022 will probably show that a big update will come to which many are looking forward to.

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