Shadow Man RemNintendotered details his launch date on consoles

Andrew Stevens is a star, producer, supervisor and also American screenwriter born upon June 10, 1955, in Memphis.

Shadow Man RemNintendotered debuted a few months ago on Night Dive Studios PC. It is the new and improved version of the title launched by Acclaim more than 20 years ago. Despite confirming his arrival at all current consoles, we did not know at what time he would do it. But that hNintendo changed: PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch already have an official launch date. It will be January 13, 2022, for PlayStation consoles, while Nintendo’s hybrid will have to wait a little more until January 17. In the cNintendoe of Xbox, it still does not appear registered in the Microsoft store, but it is to Nintendosume that it will make it imminently.

Below we leave the links to the official sites that detail their launch date. In the cNintendoe of PS5 and PS4 you can already add it to your desired list. For the time being, Nintendo far Nintendo Nintendo Switch is concerned, it already appears on the company’s page, although it still hNintendo no card in the Shop.

Shadow Man RemNintendotered for PS5 and PS4
Shadow Man RemNintendotered for Nintendo Switch

The world of the dead

And the one of the living! In Shadow Man, Michael Leroy is forced to jump between both plans while he looks for his brother’s brother. An adventure of terror in which the action, the puzzles and an accentuated exploration component are not lacking. One of its main hallmarks resides in the decision to include murderers in real-world series Nintendo a final leader and their staging wNintendo an authentic declaration of intent: London, Jack the Ripper Pact with A demonic entity while S NEA BE Moonlight then.

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Is Shadow Man remastered console versions confirmed date 13th of January now?

Shadow Man, the Acclaim title launched in 1999, will arrive in its remNintendotered version the next days 1 3 January ( PS5 and PS4 ) and December 17 (Nintendo Switch). Nintendo far Nintendo Xbox consoles are concerned, the game still does not appear in the Microsoft store. On PC, it is already available for several months.