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[3.16] Occultist with Dotami from Chaos – Bild at Witch (PoE / Path Of Exile)

In this guide we’ll tell you about the game for occultist with periodic damage effects of Chaos in Path of Exile . Here you can find recommendations on the selection of talent, equipment, tips and much more.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Overview of the build to the occultist with periodic damage effects of the chaos in POE
  • 3. POB and passive talent tree for the occultist with periodic damage effects of chaos in Path of Exile
  • 4. Equipment for the occultist with periodic damage effects of the chaos in POE
  • 5. Climbing, gangsters and a pantheon for the occultist with periodic damage effects of chaos in Path of Exile
  • 6. Bleeding occultist with periodic damage effects of chaos in Path of Exile
  • 7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Occultist with periodic damage effect from chaos (Chaos Dots) — is one of the easiest and profitable builds for the start of the league. It is popular with those long as the game has the ability to apply periodic damage from chaos. Build can be used in commercial as well as in solo leagues. In addition, it has a great potential to improve and definitely will please those who are willing to invest in the character’s strength and resources. You can choose from immune to the chaos and high damage or standard build health and damage due to equipment. The budget version of the build work well in high-level content, as you gain strength improved things significantly increasing character.

2. Overview of the build to the occultist with periodic damage effects of the chaos in POE

In this section, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the build, so you can decide on the suitable for you or not.


  • + Fast elimination opponents (as the primary source of damage Infection used which jumps to adjacent packs; stripper large area is required to use only two power)
  • + Suitable for the start of the league (to build, there are no compulsory subjects)
  • + The unique style of play (in the original version uses two abilities that interact with each other in an unusual way. There is also a version with destruction, which replaces the infection)


  • At higher levels, the budget version inferior to other builds, you need to spend additional resources (fortunately, improve cost relatively inexpensive) to effectively play
  • In the version with an Infection rotation is limited by two powers, this style seems boring to some players


Style of play

Build exists in two versions, both used Drain entity. The second ability can become a Death or infection. Bane has no significant effect on the style of play. Infection is applied before the kidnapping of the essence. Once the purpose of the abduction is killed, the infection spreads to all targets in range and further along the chain (after the death of each new target to infection).

When the target to get the essence of the abduction of the damage, the character receives a proportional bonus to health regeneration rate. The effect does not work on cards with the modifier can not make up for the health.

Scaling damage and levels of protection

In this build, the character inflicts damage periodic chaos effects, so it requires modifiers that improve skill levels and periodic damage. The volume of the damage directly affects the health of the volumes generated through the kidnapping of the essence.

For protection in build, uses a new mechanical compensation. When choosing the right passive skill tree character makes up for health in the amount of 50% of the damage taken in the last 4 seconds. Also in the build, use Petrified blood that runs Inspiration pain and increases the damage output. Besides Petrified blood puts 40% of the incoming damage and causes it for 4 seconds with all the acquisitions (in particular, compensation mechanics fully neutralize deferred Done). As an added level of protection used Abduction essence that makes an incredibly strong character. The final level of protection is an energy shield, which can be purchased at the expense of equipment with many blue slots for skills stones.

3. POB and passive talent tree for the occultist with periodic damage effects of chaos in Path of Exile

At the moment, the only regularly updated version is POB Local identity branch. It can be found here: POB Community Fork.

Wood abilities for high-level characters

The build is not very complicated. The cheapest version is not clustered gems since their rather difficult to make or buy.

One of the budget version of the build can be found here, complete passive skill tree is here.

After receiving all the necessary talents, focus on additional slots for gems or a cluster, if you can afford them.


In the main partition of Hyde describes in detail the skills that are used when pumping. As soon as you get access to the cards, you will have to switch to the Build version, in which the abduction of essence and death / infection are used manually.

  • Wood for pumping, 49 points
  • Wood for pumping, 90 points
  • Full tree


The choice of skill in most cases depends on the personal preferences of the player, but some skills are mandatory.

  • Health: +50 to the maximum health stock (try to take as quickly as possible)
    • Mastery of health: + 100% of the effectiveness of MANA hand in the vitality (affects a strong aura, reduced periodic damage, to which fossil blood and compensation mechanic)
  • Health Master: + 10% to the maximum health stock, -10% to health replenishment speed
  • Chaos skill: + 20% to exhaust efficiency (undoubtedly, the best option from the proposed)
  • chaos: + 1% to the factor of gradual damage chaos for every 4% chaos resistance (enhances the outgoing damage from chaos, makes it hardened the resistance to chaos, which, in general, not bad)
  • Hold Mastery: + 15% of the performance of MANA by skills (allows you to use the Audi present in Build)
    • Mastery of resistance and protection against states: Responsibility to desecrated blood (improves the quality of life, is used only on the most complex maps)

Oils for amulets

The only useful skill that is worth improving oils is a quick (1x transparent oil and 2x black oil are required).

high-level connections for stones

Abduction of Entity (6 ties)

This setup best enhances periodic damage:

  1. Abduction of essence
  2. Manipulation of emptiness
  3. Rapid Ne dug
  4. Controlled destruction
  5. Efficiency
  6. Amplifier (the higher the level, the better, before receiving an amplifier 2-3, you can use decomposition)

Mobility (3 Communications)

General setup for quick movement (with a curse):

  1. Fire jerk
  2. Witchcraft emissions (do not pump it above 6 levels so that the fiery jerk is triggered each time)
  3. Weakness

infection (3 connections)

Infection is the basis of the ED / C build (the abduction of the entity \ + infection). If desired, instead of it, you can use the destruction (in the setup to four links), but this option is not considered in the guide. Setup for infection looks like this:

  1. Infection
  2. Accelerated Crowing Char
  3. Extended area of ​​action

If you still want to play with the destruction, you will have to change some above setups, picking up the stones for death:

  1. Dissolve
  2. Despair
  3. Efficiency
  4. Controlled destruction

totem on withering (4 connections)

So that the wilt is as efficient, use the following setup:

  1. Withering
  2. Singing Totem.
  3. Many totems
  4. Accelerated Crowing Char

auras (2 + 2 connections)

In the considered Build, an Aura is used on health (for the efficient use of the upper half of health, which is ignored by fossil blood) and a depleting step.


  1. Profitability
  2. Northern armor

Cupping step:

  1. Doodle step
  2. Extension

Aura + Golem (4 Communications)

This setup includes auras to hold MANA and a stone golem to replenish additional health:

  1. Vitality
  2. Call of Stone Golem
  3. Gloating
  4. Petrified blood

4. Equipment for the occultist with periodic effects of damage from chaos in POE

Cancel resistance to the elements and characteristics that are required for inclusion of stones. We recommend that you choose a rare health equipment and missing characteristics or resistance. You will also use bonuses to the level of chaos stones and / or intelligence, as well as additional damage from chaos (all these modifiers are present on the subjects with the influence of the hunter).

An exemplary list of equipment looks like this:

Slot Name of the subject Rarity
Helmet Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare
Amulet Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare
Bib Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare

Gloves | Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary | Rare
Shoes | Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary | Rare
Belt | Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary | Rare
Rings | Health and Energy Shield, Resistance and Other Features As necessary | Rare
Weapons | \ + levels of skills, bonuses for damage from spells, chaos magic or periodic effects (in expensive builds Luke’s and Sources are used) | Rare
Shield | Health and energy shield (the more, the better) | Rare

Objects Equipment

Most of the equipment items can be bought or made independently. To determine the cheapest way to obtain a particular item, use the Craft of Exile.

In Build, predominantly rare items are used, on which there is additional health, resistance and other necessary characteristics. If you have resources, you can purchase an exemplary.


Select an object with a maximum bonus to health and energy shield (from these indicators there is an effective character health). Other features can be any, depending on your needs.


You will be suitable for a bib with health and any characteristics you have lacking.


Select an item with a large bonus to the energy shield, health and any missing characteristics and / or resistances. If you have resources, look for an object with the influence of the hunter (modifier +% periodic damage from chaos ).


The most valuable modifier for shoes is the speed of movement. You also need health and other characteristics / resistance.


Since evasion is used as one of the levels of protection in the Celebration under consideration, we recommend that you wear ATZ IRI. If you do not have the opportunity or desire to extract it, select rare boots with bonuses to health, power shield strength, movement speed and missing characteristics / resistances.



The best budget option is an amulet with bonuses to the health, strength of the power shield and characteristics / resistances. If you are interested in the option of more expensive, find an object with the influence of the hunter (modifiers +1 to the level of intelligence stones and / or +% to the periodic damage from chaos ).

There are two options for improving amulet oils.

  • Cheap option: Forbidden reception (2x amber oil, 1x silver oil is required).
  • Dear option: serenity (1x outer oil is required, 2x gold oil).


Look for rings with bonuses to health and energy shield. You will also use resistance and missing characteristics.


The best weapon for the budget build is a rod with the modifier +1 to the level of chaos stones, as well as bonuses to the damage from spells and periodic damage from chaos. The option is more expensive — this is a bow with six connections and modifiers +1 to the level of stones used / + 2 to the level of supported support stones (from the workbench). In this case, you will receive additional amplifier levels and additional damage, but such a weapon will be very and very expensive. As a quiver, it is necessary to use the subject with the influence of the hunter (with health and the modifier +% to the periodic damage from chaos ). Alternative option — the cane of knowledge.





The choice of bottles depends on personal preferences. Below we bring a list of featured vials. Full lists of bottles with different modifiers: bottle with auxiliary effects, health vials, MANA vials, hybrid bottle.

Slot bottle Description
1 Divine bottle of life Instantly fills health, eliminates bleeding effects
2 Stibnite bottle Gives additional evasion
3 Jade Falcon Gives even more evasion
4 Decoration of Witches Fire Use only in the absence of death, otherwise you will suit any option with auxiliary effect — for example, a sulfur bottle
5 Mercury bottle Increases movement speed

Stones for passive tree

Choose stones with bonuses to health, power shield strength and damage (pure damage, damage from spells, damage from chaos, periodic damage, periodic damage from chaos).

5. Climbing, gangsters and pantheon for the occult with periodic effects of damage from chaos in Path Of Exile


In this build, concrete ascent skills are used. If you replace them, build will stop working. Below we will consider in detail all these skills.

Recommended option

The ascent skills are listed in the order of importance (and, accordingly, acquisitions).

  1. SCETA emptiness
  2. Expanding presence
  3. The flowering of sin
  4. Gloating
SCETA emptiness

SCETA void reduces opponents resistance indicators.

Expanding presence

Expanding presence enhances the outgoing damage from chaos and increases the resistance of chaos. Great combined with chaos skill.

Flowering of sin

The flourishing of sin allows you to curse opponents with immunity to curses. The damned opponents explode from time to time exploded, which gives the character a reliable protection against the needles of dictates and allows the player to enjoy spectacular visual effects.


Gloating allows you to impose the curses in pairs and increases their effectiveness, and also reduces damage applied and opponents.


We recommend that you kill all the gangsters, as their bonuses do not stand the spent skills of skills.


For most buildings, the choice of talents of the pantheon depends on the personal preferences of the player. As a senior God, we recommend that you choose the sea king to avoid chain stun.

As a younger God, choose Safari (in this case you will get less damage from chaos).

6. Pumping of the occult with periodic effects of damage from chaos in Path of Exile

At the moment, a build with a Charles and various periodic effects of chaos (the so-called CHAOSSLINGER) is most often used to pass acts. Reaching the stage with maps, you can switch to a regular build.

without charge (up to level 24)

Chevrolet opens only at 24 levels. Up to 8 levels we offer you to use the following skills:

  • Storm mine for damage to one goal
  • Wave cold for stripping
  • Frosty bomb as an alternative to the Wave of Cold

Having achieved 4 levels, buy a quick assembly to strengthen the damage from the storm mines for one purpose. Having achieved 8 levels, buy damage with lightning and damage by cold. Both effects are perfectly combined with a storm mine and frosty bomb.

Assistant mine:

  1. Storm Min
  2. Fast assembly

RI presence of the subject with four connections:

  1. Damage with lightning
  2. Damage by cold

Porous bomb:

  1. Frosty bomb
  2. Damage with lightning
  3. Damage by cold

At the 12th level, buy storm and return stamps to pass the first acts as quickly as possible. When performing mandatory tasks, you will receive glasses for changing talents. This will allow you to move away from the proposed scenario at the beginning of the path (for example, take additional skills to damage from magic or lightning), and then return. Returning brand can be put in any blue slot without connections.

Alamo storm:

  1. Stamp storm
  2. Damage with lightning
  3. Damage by cold

In the second act, you need to take the following support stones:

Alamo storm:

  1. Stamp storm
  2. Controlled destruction
  3. Concentration of elements

RI presence of the subject with four connections:

  1. Damage with lightning
  2. Damage by cold

In the second act (the abode of sins, level 16) it is necessary to take stones like Bulletin and use them up to 24 levels:

  1. Ice Bulletin
  2. Bulletin of thunder

In the third act, the character gets access to useful auras. You can continue to play with messengers or change them on a formidable anger (we recommend not changing you).

Having achieved 24 levels, you will get access to Build, which is used at high levels (with minor changes to speed up the pumping process). First, you need to collect sedan to automatically generate rabies charges:

  1. Freshness
  2. Acceleration of attacks

Next, you will need periodic effects of chaos. We recommend that you choose two any effect. If at some point you will feel the shortage of damage, you can add extra effects, reinforcing them with passive skills to hold MANA. Add abilities only if you can constantly use them. First, it is recommended to add perfection and despair. Do not forget that MANA is consumed not only on the Charles, but also on the effects that run automatically. If you regularly lack MANA, take passive skills to keep resources or use the bottle on Many. If you do not like the Charles and automatic effects, use the essence kidnapping and manually infection and use the setup to maximize.


  1. Carve the soul
  2. Additional shells and many additional shells (later)
  3. Efficiency


  1. Dissolve
  2. Despair
  3. Efficiency

In the process of pumping, do not forget about the skills that you will need at the maximum level. Add the appropriate stones into an additional weapon so that they swing together with the character.

Detailed pumping tips can be found in the following guides:

  • Hyde on unique subjects for pumping will help you pick up equipment for pumping.
  • Hyde for pumping for beginners contains answers to the most common questions arising from those who are just starting to play POE.

7. Conclusion

We believe that the game must first bring the player’s pleasure. If you think that build for some reason you do not fit, boldly change it to your needs and do not forget to share with us the most successful options. We will be happy to learn something new from you!

Questions remained? We want our guides bring the maximum benefit to the game community. If you think that we missed something, ask a question in the comments, and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

We wish you good luck in the game and many, many elevations. See you!